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-- popped, decanted, and poured --
-- tasted non-blind --
-- consumed over 4 hours --

NOSE: This is a very peppery zin with a thick sheet of taragon as the canvas for the brooding aromas of blueberry and bright blackberry that sit in the background. After a few hours a spearmint/citrus oil hint of V/A starts to come forward -- taragon still dominates, however.

BODY: dirty garnet color of moderate depth; incredibly fine particulate matter is suspended in the wine; medium bodied.

TASTE: Upon first sip, and throughout, I was pleased to find this to be more tannic than all of Turley's Paso-based '05 Zins. Although this wine is just a bit too tannic to be perfectly balanced, a nice dose of acidity makes this much more "Turley" than many other '05 Turleys. As far as flavors go, this wine features flavors of black pepper and plum, as well as a lingering sense of cigarbox. The attack is full-on, but the palate gradually weakens from front to back, ending with a short finish. This wine does wear its 15% abv quite well, as the alcohol wasn't noticeable on the palate. Behind the Ueberroth, this is my favorite '05 Turley.

B: 50, 5, 12, 16, 7 = 90
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