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Dary Ruby in color, flavors of raspberry, plum, licorice and spice. Definitely more approachable on release than any other Numanthia I've tried at this stage of life. More red in flavor profile and definitely not as big or as tannic as previous vintages. More of an elegant style so to speak and quite balanced. That being said, my least favorite of the ones I've tried (2001-2005) - 90
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  • 2005 Bodega Numanthia Termes Toro Numanthia - Spain, Castilla y León, Toro (12/6/2010)
    – popped and poured –
    – tasted non-blind over two hours immediately after uncorking, then again on Day 3 (approx. 48 hours after uncorking) –

    NOSE: Day 1: oak; pepper; earthy; purple fruits. Day 3: slightly funky; tight; dark non-descript fruits; oak.

    BODY: black-purple color of great depth; medium-full to full bodied; fine particulate matter present.

    TASTE: Day 1: oaky; black licorice; earthy, but not funky; dark fruits; sweet oak; coffee grounds; loads of coarse/grippy/drying tannin, but there seems to be deeply-embedded acidity holding it up ---- still on the tannic side of well-balanced (between acid and tannin) for now; 14.5% alc. is not noticeable; I think this will greatly benefit from more cellar time. Day 3: minerally; dark purple fruits; some oak; leather; earthy; smoke; I think this is more complex that what is readily apparent today; tannin is still coarse/grippy/drying; alcohol is still not noticeable. Needs time.

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Originally posted by inky:
Give it some bottle time, I am sure this will be every bit as good as the 2002 and 2003.

I've had several vintages of this wine, inky. And several bottles of the '05. Personally, I really enjoy them all, but I'm drinking my '05s now and cellaring the majority of my '02s, '03s and '04s.

Just sayin'
Red guy, I open a Numanthia a few times a year or so. I have a lot of it so I honestly don't over-think it. I seem to enjoy them at this stage more than many on the board. Honestly, I'm not convinced that Numanthia ever really mellows out to the point that many here expect it to. I really do enjoy this wine and I feel that I've gotten to know it quite well. But that's because I drink it at so many stages of its life. That said, however, I've not had anything older than '02, so there's admittedly not a long, long history with it. I just find the wine plateaus after a few years in bottle and then, very very slowly, begins its continued blending.

All that to say, I enjoy one of these when I'm in the mood for one. The others may prove me wrong in the long term and this wine suddenly bursts into something euphoric. I'll still have a few left and will have enjoyed the journey meanwhile.

Peaking, for the '05? If I only had a couple of bottles? Maybe 5 yrs or so.....but if I was in the mood now, I'd open one now.

i have a couple more, so am considering the exact question you posed for myself. i don't think i'll pop either of my remaining two for another 5 years, and guage my last bottle off of that. if you have only one remaining, and want a wine that tastes aged I would venture a guess that you should't even think about opening it until 2020. seriously, put 'em in the back of the cellar and fuhgettaboutit!

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