18 bottles WS Auslese

10 bottles GH Auslese GK

5 bottles WS Auslese GK

All are 750's. I'd prefer to sell as a lot. Local sale in Phoenix area would be preferred but willing to ship as well. $2200 seems reasonable to me. I'm sure someone will respond if they disagree. Trades are welcome. Pre-2000 ports and some pinots would be considered. Email is Bigazjeep@ Gmail.

I've been a member on here since 2007 under desertwineguy. I've bought and sold a fair amount on here and Winecommune when that was a thing. For the life of me I can not get signed in or reset my password as I dont have my email from back then. 

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Congrats, TPE!  Great purchase (and great sale Phoenixwineguy). We had a 2005 Prum WS Auslese last week, and it was remarkable. Can't imagine how the Goldkapsels could be any better than  that, but I'm sure they are. I'm envious.

I always like reading about transactions that go really well like this one. Restores faith in human nature, at least among the wine folks.

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