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Just picked these up yesterday from Premier Cru. Riedel stems.

Nice translucent deep ruby purple color. Forward nose of sweet tar, marionberry jam, and cedar. Nice glycerin heft to the midpalate, buoying notes of red and deep blue fruits, creosote, and smoky herbs. The lengthy finish had a nice dry snap to it, perhaps brought on by the well concealed alcohol. A very nice wine with what I suspect is great aging potential. 93+ points. Smile
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Originally posted by Stefania Wine:
Marionberry is a hybrid berry. I see it in Oregon a lot, where I think it was developed. A lot of wineries offer jams in their tasting rooms there.

It's like an intense blackberry, with a stronger more aromatic nose, I've herad people pitch it as a 'Cabernet Flavored' berry.

It does not smoke crack or govern our nations capital. Big Grin

Stefania nailed it. I've been eating Marionberry jam on my pancakes for years at Bette's Oceanview Diner in Berkeley, which is where I was introduced to it. It's the house jam.

Creosote is a smoky, rich, tar like aroma. Smile

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