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popped & consumed w/ some Baked Triple Creme while waiting for Potato & Herb Crusted Talapia, Sauteed Veggies, Steamed Rice & Green Salad...

Cat Pee yellow (sorry, had to, first thought)... proud nose of vanilla tinged citrus fruits, green apples & Concord grapes... medium bodied & juicy with predominant lemon fruits, some slight new oak with an oily, mineral texture to the palate, ever present prickly acidity with lingering minerality & buttermilk sensations, over fruit undertones on the finish... wow, completely different then their RRV Chard, makes me want to try the Hudson... can't say its the best Chard i've ever had as others have stated, but a well made wine & just plain different & more unique then the "classic, buttery thick Chards" CA can be known for... i'd love to have with a dozen raw Oysters... i'd be curious what a little bottle age would do to this
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Originally posted by Board-O:
...I love the lemon oil, viscous quality and minerality that these wines possess...

if you love those sensations then this wine is for you... amusingly, i've had this 04' but not the 03'... i'm sure the sensations are similar but probably in different "amounts"... if you loved the 03' i'd definitely try the 04', though im sure you don't need my comments to do so
Originally posted by GreenDrazi:
WOW! Big Grin

definitely a unique experience, i will say that... the fruit/lemon sensations are unlike any i've ever had in a Chardonnay before - though admittedly i drink whites at about a 1-4 clip versus reds, and most are Central Coast Viognier's & Semillion's and various Reisling's & Sauvignon Blanc's from around the world...

this wine was anything but buttery-oak sweet, and the buttery/buttermilk sensations were more texture then flavor... the flavors were dominated by oily lemon, maybe even a hint of lime & grapefruit, with a nice minerally texture throughout...

like i said in my TN, a unique experience (for me at least) with regards to CA Chard... I'm probably going to go get a Hudson to see how that compares, as i've now had the Hyde & RRV
Ramey's single-vineyard chardonnays all have great intensity and sold backbone of acid/lemon. They all age quite well and the Hyde becomes a bit better integrated after 4-5 years. Last summer I had a 2001 Ramey Hudson against a 2001 Kistler Hudson and the group in attendance uniformly preferred the Ramey. '04 Hyed is worth sitting on a bit if you can....

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