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My first question is this: if this is an "Individual Vineyard" wine, why don't they use the individual vineyard name? Hmmmm.

Though this admittedly might be a function of the price range I'm working with, Champagne tastes like carbonated bile to me, so I'm always looking for an alternative. This was a pleasant change.

Although dry, this comes across as an awesome black cherry soda, complete with dark raspberry colored bubbles. Dark, simple, fruity and bubbly, it definitely makes my guilty pleasure list.

A solid B for $10.
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It seems like everything Paringa makes has "Individual" on the label somewhere. I have no idea what that means.

Anyway, I tasted this at a retail tasting on 2/10/07 along with an assortment of various & sundry sparklers & Champagnes.

This was only my 2nd sparkling Shiraz, the first being the ridiculously overpriced Rockford Black Shiraz.

The Paringa at least gets the price right. As Spenser said, it's not much more than alcoholic blackberry soda pop, but it's pleasurable, and on top of that really says "Shiraz" with its dark berries, hint of earthiness, and deep, almost black color. Still too much of a guilty pleasure for me to actually buy some to take home, but I think Paringa did a good job with this.
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