Got this on sale for I think $8.99. Wow, Everything you could ask for in a S.B. Some actual creamy texture, acidity, penetrating fruit flavors ( they use terms like grassy, passion fruit,etc., I guess that's appropriate).
reminded me of eating a lemon or lime Sweet-tart.Wonderful stuff for the money
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My notes on this from 2/05:

Bright, tangy nose of swirling citrus, kiwi, gooseberry, herbs; lip-smacking on palate with refreshing fruit-driven finish. 88 pts.

My bottle was also $8.99, at Beverages & More.

Although I didn't specifically note grassiness, there could have been some in there, but it wasn't overwhelming.
I would put this in the grassy catagory of Sauvignon Blanc. Agree with VS and gdn on tasting notes, it's quite herbal and the grassy notes reminded me of hay. Tangy and a bit tart on the finish. I thought it was well made but just not my type of Sauvignon blanc and would rate it an 85.
I liked it a lot! I am not wild about sauvignon blancs that are grapefruity, so this one was more goosenberry, passion fruit kind of flavors. I believe the grassy taste is less noticable in the 2004 verses the 2003. Not too many wines will stand up to Habanero, but this one does! For being $7 cheaper then the Nobilo Icon and only 1 point less then the Icon, I buy this over the Icon. Costco has this for $7.99
Vinyrd Skynrd notes are better than mine. Grassiness is in there, but the "lip smacking" fruit flavors are more prevalent. My notes were poorly written. Just picked up another one today on my way home, and got a $1.50 rebate, so net $7.49. QPR. I read the liner note at the store, I think they said WS at 88 or 89.
Thanks for the vote of confidence, Guy. TNs descriptors are so subjective, though, so I try to aim for a note that's well-written as opposed to precise.

I'm fighting off a cold right now, and I blame it on tasting-note writing. Last week I went to a tasting of NV Champagnes. There was a woman there who seemed to be hovering around me most of the time, wanting to know every descriptor I picked up on all the wines. She explained that her nose was a bit stuffy from a cold, so she was trying to vicariously smell the wines through my notes. What was she doing there with a cold, anyway? I guess it wasn't about the wine...

I noticed my symptoms coming on about 2 days later.
Grassy it is for sure. Lots of grapefruit. I thing the Icon series has considerably more structure, is more perfumed and fruit forward but has the crispness. The Icon Series is almost twice the price but a much better SB.
I've always like this one, but I LOVED the one bottle of Icon I got a couple of years ago. The price in Ontario for the basic bottle is not over CAD$15, which puts me off a bit. And the Icon has not been seen in the province for ages.

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