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popped & consumed, notes as i drink...

nice coloring, maroon hue... proud nose of cola, bing cherry, strawberries & spiced new oak... juicy & plush on the palate, with the cola fruit flavors dominating through, medium to light bodied, the spiced oak shows on the finish... might not be everyones cup of tea but damn tasty, maybe not as refined as the 03', but full of finesse while powerful in it's fruit... 92
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I'm curious. Has fortune followed fame for the Hitching Post after "Sideways"?
What I mean is, have they changed anything about their wines now that a broader population is aware of them? Endeavered to be better? Or just riding the coat tails?
I ask because I've never seen any in my area, (I assume it's pretty limited) and have not had a chance to try it. The same question could be asked of all the wineries featured.
i havent been to the restaurant (Hitching Post II) since the movie came out but im told its really busy (not that it wasnt before, maybe just not in the same way). as for the wines, they're still the same so far as i can tell with regards to quality & price - their not bad for a Chef/Restaurant Owner/Wine Maker Wink

im not surprised you can't find them around locally in WA, i know many of his wines rarely get above 1000 Cases

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