WS rates this a 91, but to me it's a disappointment compared to the '03 and especially '02 versions. Perhaps I had an off bottle, but it's much too woody, tons of oak that overpowers the vanilla and cherry. No score, as I'll try another bottle first. I've loved this QPR, and hope I won't have to scrounge up '02s and '03s until the '05s come out. $17 Costco.
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Bad searcher, didn't see the other thread. Thx, Mimik.

vinoman7, yes, I saw the note about needing more time. I'll give the other bottle I have a taste next week before a verdict, but the oakiness I had last night won't diminish much in a year, or five I'm afraid.
I have to agree with indybob. Time is not going to help this wine become as good as the 2002. The 2002 was a great wine at a great price. Maybe my hopes got too high.

Opened my other bottle of this, and opened a 2002 alongside for comparison. This second 2004 was much less woody than the '04 I had the other day. Much less "oak monster" with this one.

Overall, a nice wine, good sturdy pie cherries, vanilla, and toffee notes. Still, too oaky for my tastes, but this bottle is manageable. Nice tannins that don't overpower, but, for me, the 2002 is better, and was better on release. A good QPR, and a nice buy for those who don't mind the oak. 87pts based on second bottle tasted. Would be better with some hard, sharp cheese, bread and EVOO.
I agree that the '03 was better for me. I like fruit in chianti, and 2003 had more of it probably because of the heat in Italy that season.

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