2004 Ch. Lascombes Margaux

Tasted 6/23/07 at a retail tasting.

Pretty cherry-berry funk on this w/some tobacco & spice box, the concentrated, fruit-packed finish goes long. Impressive.

92 pts. Available locally for about $47.
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I thought it was very awesome straight out of the bottle (tasted at Pearson's in DC a little while ago)... I picked one up ($45) to have as a wedding anniversary off-year wine. Decent price I think for an impressive wine you can open now or later. I'd go 93 pts on it.
I'm sorry for tasting it now that you mention it.

I wish you had been at the wine store so you could have pressured me to turn down the free taste of the 2004 Lascombes. I should have sealed the taste in a bottle for a few years before downing it, indeed.

Oh wait, I did bring home an unopened 2004 Lascombes!

j/k, that was pretty damned funny, DRAB.
Originally posted by dr.darkrichandbold:
You fool....this wine isn't even close to ready. There is nothing you can tell from it now. Maybe one day you'll learn from your mistakes.

Thanks for the notes!


Yeah, whatever. The IMPORTANT thing is that I was the FIRST person to post a note! Razz

Big Grin Big Grin
Yeah, whatever. The IMPORTANT thing is that I was the FIRST person to post a note!

And that is what has been eating away at me all day! Now I'll never be the 1st to post on '04 Lascombes! I don't know what to do with myself....I just might have to counter this with an '04 DRC TN......
Decanted for about an hour before having first glass with grilled pork chops, and drank over the next 3 hours. Finished the second half of the bottle the next night. Aroma of leather, graphite and some dark fruit along with a hint of smokiness. Taste has plum and has a moderately high level of acidity. 87 points.
Originally posted by Primordialsoup:
WS, better the next night?
Saving mine for a 10yr retro next year, and later.

I can't specifically recall, as this was a week or two ago, but I usually make specific note if I notice improvement (or decline) on the 2nd night.

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