Parker said to drink this wine by 2010, so I said "What the hell" and opened the first of my 5 bottles tonight. The wine had a slightly hot, powerful nose of cherries with a lot of spice. On the palate, copious bright juicy flavors of red berries are balanced by some rough tannins. I think this needs time. It reminds me very much of a 2002 Beaune Reversees from Paul Pernot that we tasted this Summer. I think Parker (or was it Rovanni?) was a little off on this one. To me, this is clearly too young to drink, but I really don't know when it will soften. 90 now and should add from 1 to 3 more points with appropriate time in the bottle.
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Well, let's see. Parker said to drink now to 2010. That doesn't qualify as drabbing. I believe I was also the first to post tasting notes on the 1961 Margaux and Haut brion, though if I'm wrong, somebody will dig it up. The glue was quite dry on those labels.
Laube recently wrote in his opinion page that 6 years old seems to be golden for California pinots. I would say he is spot on--for this wine, at least. I had my first bottle a few years ago, and was disappointed. All I can say is that it must have been in a dumb phase, as the bottle I had last night was excellent. Nice round, rich, cherry-berry fruit was there, but it was the earthiness and smoothness that really thrilled me. Unlike some Martinellis, this was not at all hot on the finish, and also not overly acidic. My wife, who generally dislikes California Pinots, actually enjoyed this, too. Note that it took about 45 minutes to open up fully. My score 92.
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Sounds as if you had a good experience with the 2003 Seven Mules! I opened my last bottle of the 2003 Seven Mules last week, and it was still a disappointment, but I gave it 89 points; I guess I just expected more!

Only 3 points apart. I don't know if they both reviewed the wine, but I would not be surprised to see Laube and Parker 3 points apart on a lot of Pinots, as well.

I have one more bottle left, so I will report back when I taste it to see if my impression has changed.

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