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  • 2003 H. Billiot Fils Champagne Millésimé Brut - France, Champagne, Ambonnay, Champagne (10/21/2010)
    – popped and poured –
    – tasted non-blind over a couple hours –

    NOSE: fresh-baked French baguette; a bit cider-like; ripe pear; golden raisins and apricot compote.

    BODY: orange-hued golden yellow color; loose bead; medium-full bodied.

    TASTE: intense bready flavor; ripe yellow fruits; hint of cognac; orange-tinged ‘nilla wafer; a bit warming in the belly; fat; lacks cut. Certainly atypical, but I suppose that is to be expected from an ‘03. Interesting, and not-at-all bad.

    B: 50, 5, 12, 16, 7 = 90
    A: 50, 5, 12, 16, 8 = 91 (90 pts.)

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Thanks for the kind words, Brad.

I didn't know any of this made it to the U.S. --- we actually enjoyed this during our visit to Champagne. The woman who conducted our tasting at Billiot surprised us by giving us this bottle for free when we purchased 5 other bottles. I suspect she threw it in (1) just to be nice, (2) because it was my birthday (even though she had no idea of this!), and (3) because she and I were discussing the odd nature of the '03 vintage during our tasting.

"Interesting" is the word that I kept coming back to while drinking this wine. I'd be curious to see how it ages.
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Our experience at the winery was awesome, although we did not taste this wine at the winery. (I did a write-up of our visit to the winery --- it's a few threads below this one) All of the other Billiots I've tasted have had what I would call a moderately persistent or very persistent bead.

This '03 is simply one odd duck!(but interesting and tasty)
Originally posted by Italian Wino:
Thanks for the TN. I love Billiot's wines. Just picked up his NV Rose Brut Grand Cru for the store.

Brad what are your thoughts on the Rose Grand Cru?



I love Billiot's NV Rose. Always a winning wine and full of fruit. It is never over the top, but comes from the fruit camp of Rose. The latest release (which is based on the 08 harvest) actually has a bit more cut than normal, but is still very fruity.

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