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2003 Frédéric Magnien Vosne-Romanée Premier Cru Les Suchots -- beautiful deep Burgundy colour; blackberry, raw beef, hint of cinnamon on the nose; dark berry and cherry flavours, very rich fruit, clear note of fresh-roasted coffee, quite velvety texture; medium-to-long finish, very fine tannins but dominated by lots of fruit, hint of bitter cherry at the end. Delicious! About 91-92 pts.
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Originally posted by BirDungy:
I might just be on a Burg high at the moment but from the way that you describe this wine, Seaq, it sounds better than 91-92 points.


Fair comment, Birdungy. This wine has great fruit, is balanced, and is very enjoyable to drink, but doesn't seem to have the stuffing to rest and improve, evidenced by a good but not terribly lengthy finish. Maybe it sounds better, but it didn't drink better than 91-92 pts. It clearly won't hit 95 in my book.

We were fortunate to get our hands on and drink a number of young Burgundies during a recent holiday, and this one was just a tiny step below this one or this one , and a clear step below this one. So relative to these...

Regarding your question, I don't believe there's any Burgundy discrimination in these fora. Great wine is great wine, but as you well know, the disappointment often provided by Burgundies-- especially in light of their prices-- make many people, myself included, wary when it comes to purchasing or opening them. The thrill is a bit elusive.
Actually, the way all of this happened was that we gave Premier Cru in Emeryville a challenge: a case of Burgundies that were drinking well NOW, Premier and Grand Cru only, if possible, 8 red, 4 white, and pairs rather than single bottles, and we gave them a budget. They actually worked on this, discussing only wines that the staff had actually tasted within a couple of weeks of our arrival, so they knew they weren't closed or showing poorly. After quite a bit of discussion, the wines that I reported on in this forum were the ones we bought. There were some [tempting] older wines available, but they would have eaten up a disproportionate amount of our $1000 budget, so we stuck to younger wines that were currently drinking well. The store came through for us.

Most were from 2003, a particularly hot vintage which produced ripe, forward fruit; I think the consensus among the experts is that these wines will likely show well young-- my limited experience confirms that-- but may not make old bones.

Anyway, it was a lot of fun for me to drink a bunch of great wines that I might not ordinarily see here, and I was glad to report my impressions, for what they're worth, as most if not all of these wines are available still, especially to the large contingent of Americans who participate here.
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