2003 Chateau Malescot St. Exupery

Decanted for 3 hours (but sneak peak right after decanting is enticing...). Minimal fine sediment in the bottle. Surprising aged coloring, brick red body with browning rim.

It's show time! This is delivering the goods right now. This starts with aromas of sweet cherries and tannins. A touch of camphor keeps it complex. Flavors of ripe, full berries and fruits with a dusting of earth. This all wraps up with a medium length, minimally tannic finish. Did the label say Napa?!! This really comes off as new world versus old so I can imagine plently of doubters and haters on this wine. But... though different, this is wonderful. 92 pts.
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Reading this post a few days ago got me thinking and wondering, so of course, I had to open a bottle and try it for myself. An intoxicating, room-filling nose (and yes, I definitely got and enjoyed the camphor)- just fantastic. Is this what Margaux is all about? A fine example I believe (even if new-worldy in it's style). An excellent pairing with lamb chops and venison (yet another good reason to go out to dinner with your spouse- plate sharing!). If you have one bottle, consider drinking now. If you have more than one- what are you waiting for?
Popped, decanted, and drank over 4 hours.
Short version: Light and ethereal with superfine tannins and great balance and a long satisfying finish.

Conversation piece: Upon opening was closed and probably a bit too cool. Some eucalyptus and menthol, but that could just be the alcohol coming through with little else in complement.
Hour 1: Warmer on the nose and in the glass showing a toasty spiciness. Still a bit tight but opening. More herbal and vegetal at this stage. Smooth gritty tannins. All in balance.
Hour 2: Darker warmer fruit coming through. This has rewarding flavors yet remains elegant on the palate. Just when it seems it will be chewy it melts off the tongue. A dustiness on a finish that evolves as it lingers. Plenty of acidity here. Should roll along nicely over the next 5-8+.
Hour 3: Paired with short ribs braised with cabernet and a roux. Just melts away in the mouth. An ethereal red. Some could describe this attribute as thin, but I see it as being light but fulfilling (in part due to the satisfying finish). Impressed by it having a weightlessness yet yielding plenty of fruit. Charcoal and cedar showing. All in harmony. Works really well with roasted brussel sprouts- great play between the char of the sprouts and the minerality/earthiness (graphite) of the wine. Finish continues to impress.
I was really looking forward to opening this as I have enjoyed the last two very much. This one did not disappoint. Excellent Chateau. Superb wine. I will likely seek out more and may even open the purse strings to acquire some 09's/10's.
Thanks for the recent note on this. I have a single bottle of this resting in my cellar --- it is a holdover from my first couple years of buying wine - back when my lack of tasting experience and knowledge meant I was buying more off of professional reviews than I was personal palate preference. It sounds like this one might appeal to me, nonetheless.

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