Those are not the most well-known Chateaux; but send my payment to a Internet Wine Company and I won't even get the wine until 2005/6? Confused I'll pass!
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I agree with latour67, I prefer not to deal with little-known internet companies, especially when dealing with futures sales that won't be realized for another 2 or 3 years. It's a long time to wait and see whether you have been taken or not. I prefer to go through my local reputable wine shop!
I was curious Latour67 about where you would recommend a Memphian to shop for wine and futures. I know about Buster's but I have just got on a wine kick since visiting Napa. I didn't know if there was a store that you like and wouldn't mind recommending.
redmikeu2 Welcome to the Forums

Shields Fine Wines & Spirits on Germantown Parkway, because Shields Hood is a wine educator and he regularly has tastings and teaches classes. He just opened last year so he is still working on building his stock, but most importantly, he knows wines! I recently read his Master of Wine Dissertation on---"Cooperage and the Grape". It was impressive research.

Buster's has a lot of inventory and there are some nice people in the wine area, especially John & Tiffany; and I think Tiffany teaches a wine course at the University of Memphis.

Kirby Wines & Liquors also has a nice selection.

As for Futures, I assume you are talking about Bordeaux Futures, but currently I am not buying any Bordeaux wines. You should check . I have bought Futures from them in the past, and they have always been delivered on a prompt basis. Also, they have delivered everything that I've ordered...

Hope this helps.
redmikeu2 Thanks for the arlicle on Shields. I'll be stopping by there today to pick up a couple of bottles of Pinot for a tasting tonight, and I'll show him this thread!
I purchased futures of the following '03 Sauternes (375mls):

(4) Rieussec (WA 93-96) - $20.99
(4) Coutet (WA 93-96) - $17.99
(4) LaTour Blanche (WA 93-96) - $18.99

I passed on 2001, so all things considered the pricing feels really good. Purchased from
I ordered today most of my 2003 Bordeaux futures (all 750 ml bottles):
12 x Ch.d'Armailhac 89-92PP/92-94WS @ EUR 15,75
12 x Ch.Gazin 87-89PP/89-91WS @ EUR 23,85
12 x Ch.Citran 2003 @ EUR 8,55
12 x Ch.Lagrange 89-91PP/92-94WS @ EUR 17,10
12 x Ch.Léov.Barton 94-96+PP/95-100WS@ EUR 30,50
12 x Ch.Lascombes 91-93PP/89-91WS @ EUR 24,30
12 x Rollan de By @ EUR 11,52

Upon delivery I have to pay another 16% German-VAT-Tax (Sales Tax)to the above stated prices.

I intend to order also:
Clos Du Marquise

But the are not yet released in Europe.

Nothing more excellent nor more valuable than wine was ever granted to mankind by God-Plato(429-347 B.C.)

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