Bought three bottles on release, stored perfectly, and opened my first one over the weekend with my girlfriend to mark the last work day of a loathed coworker, who's moving to a new job. Seriously, having to never work with that asshat again caused me to open this in celebration. Also, I figured, I turned 50 earlier this year, fuq it.  

Had a sip, decanted, then finished over about eight hours, by itself, with cheese, then with a dinner of homemade lasagne. 

Dark reddish garnet color. Nice aromas of vanilla, loads of fruit, both red and dark. Moderate tannins, with gobs of berries, a bit of aromatic herbs like mint and bay, and something on the long finish like butterscotch.

Honestly, it was fine, and definitely improved after about two hours in the decanter, but I'll most likely sell one of my other bottles, and open the third in 10-20 more years, in that supposedly prime Grange window that's supposed to exist. It was fun to taste, obviously well-made but we would have enjoyed a well-made $40 bottle just as much. . .or more. 92 pts, drink with decant, or hold. 

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Happy belated 50th! A worthy bottle to celebrate, though I get how hard it is for any wine to live up to a price tag like that of Grange. I have a couple of similar gems that may get sold before they’re ever opened. 

Happy Belated 50th.  I love Grange.  I don’t think you need to wait another 10 years.  I have a couple of bottles.  Next 2-5 years is my window.

Right on, thanks for the thoughts. Yeah, I paid $215 per at my LWS, which is at the top of my very very occasional splurge range, and can't fathom paying $850 or whatever the new releases go for. 

Happy belated 50th Indy. 2002 was a strong vintage so I would have expected better than what you described also. Hopefully the next one shows brilliantly.

Happy B'day. Recently celebrated mine with a '69 Chateau Carbonnieux (and an '89 Krug brut and '89 Ch. Malescot and....). I'd also call that Grange experience disappointing. A few nights ago I had an '02 Dead Arm and it was really enjoyable (92-93).

I never really appreciated Grange until I tasted it with greater than 20 years of age- then I loved it.  Opened a 2002 Clarendon hills Astralis a few months ago, and it was still a baby.  The  2002's are going to need some serious time.

Thanks for the thoughts Racer117 and Winedrmike. Yeah, I'll give my second bottle 25+ years and decide whether to sell bottle #3 then. 


Racer, happy birthday, and hope the wines showed well!  I opened a '69 and a '99 Mondavi reserve for my 50th, both were excellent, and still have one more of each in my storage.  

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