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This is one of my old standbys.

A beautiful fruit dominant red wine. Made in the old style with minimal oak influence, similar to Penfolds St Henri in that regard. The Shiraz and Cabernet have blended together and are perfectly integrated.

Not the world's most complex wine but a comforting dose of old style Australiana.

I suppose that many people on these boards would describe it as a fruit bomb which would be completely wrong. The fruit is not overextracted, nor is it lashed to enough oak to bring a tear to Nelson's eye.

I bought half a dozen with a view to keeping some in the cellar for a while, but 5 have already bit the dust and the last one is nervous.

No score as I cannot objectively rate the wine.
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The black label has skimmed the cream of the grapes from the white label, so the basic juice will be of a higher standard. Also the black label uses far more new oak in the blend.

I have several vintages of black label slumbering in my cellar, but have yet to pull the cork on them.

My expectation is that it will be a more concentrated version of the white label, and will have some more pronounced oak flavours.

In other words I woud expect it to be a more mainstream style than the white label. However I would still expect the oak to be restrained.

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