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I taste an undesireable twang that I find in so many Central Coast/ Santa Barbara cabs and the more northern CA cabs seem to lack. Possibly because of the high Cab content (93%)? Maybe the higher cab franc percentages in past vintages balance the wine out better? I don’t make wine so I can’t answer that. I have heard some people prefer this wine to the ’01, which I really loved, much more than this at the first go. The ’02 seems a very well made wine that could have turned out better. 91pts.

I couldn’t find any info on the 94-96’s and I drank mine years ago, but this vintage seems to have a very different blend.
1997 - 63% CS, 19% CF 18% M
1998 - 65% CS, 19% CF 16%M
1999 - 70% CS, 20% CF, 10%M
2000 - 78% CS, 19% CF, 3% M
2001 - 77% CS, 13% CF, 10% M
2002 - 93% CS, 3% CF, 4% M
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Vinyrd -

value aside, i've only found a recent decline (98' vintage, 00' on...) in the Isosceles... the 99' is amazing in my book, easy 93 pt wine, as was the 97' last time i've had... now, is it worth $55+, well... definitely not now. that being said, i've been rather disappointed in the 01' Isosceles, to the point it will be the last current release of Isosceles i'll buy... unless things dramatically for the different, which i doubt, too many other choices out there
I've actually never tasted Isosceles, but a local wine store is offering tastes of the '02 at its tasting bar this weekend - hence Boone's TN caught my interest.

I know we all have our different, individual concepts of QPR - for me, a $55 wine would be a great QPR if rated 95+ points, a decent QPR if 93-94 pts, and a possible buy even at 91...

However, Boone's TN really read more like an 85-86 pointer - pointing out flaws and/or idiosyncracies in the wine, but not supporting a verdict of "outstanding." That's why I wanted clarification. A wine that, in the very best vintages, was 91-92 points, but has more recently disappointed, would seem to belong in the mid- to high-80's for the 2002.

Maybe I'll taste it later this week and weigh in, albeit the consensus here seems to be "pass".
Which version did you taste, if you recall?

This wasn't the reserve. I seem to have only pointed out the negatives. I do think the '02 is very nice wine. The color is beautiful and there are some wonderful flavors. This has consistently been my favorite cab blend out of Central CA, and I always buy at least one bottle on release.

I agree with the QPR opinions above. The old $36 price tag seemed reasonable. Maybe the bottom line for me is I wouldn't pay $55 again for it. IMO they're competing with much better wines at that price.

I'm looking forward to reading notes from others.

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