• 2002 Joseph Phelps Cabernet Sauvignon - USA, California, Napa Valley (11/10/2005)
    decanted with a globe shaped decanter for 1 hr then consumed out of reidel vinum bordeaux stems. this wine was consumed over the course of 2 nights while being vacuumed overnight in the cellar.

    the color is dark red to the rim, almost opaque. the nose is beautiful but restrained. i think this will change with time. notes of dark fruits, currant, tobacco, cigar and spice box, with a touch of brown sugar and Cinnamon. on the palate this wine packed with fruit, oak and tannin. the entry is awesome with a solid finish. would like more from the midpalate but for $36 i'm note complaining. this wine is smooth and seems to have everything in balance except the acidity is not as high as one would like for aging. imo if everything goes right, as with the 99, the huge fruit notes, tannin and oak should come together in a few years and yield a very nice solid cali cab. nice to see a cali cab this good for this reasonable of a price. (92 pts.)

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I will have to disagree with you all on this one. For me it was too fat with prune and brown sugar flavors, overripe and slightly out of balance. Not a good candidate to age with grace. 84
I agree with a 92. I tasted this at Phelps Winery Seminar a couple weeks ago. They opened the bottles then served without decanting, both 02 Insignia and this 02 Cab, and its ironic 3 of the 4 of us taking the Seminar thought this Cab was better then the 02 Insignia! LOL!
And so let me guess, you then decided to return a bottle of the ‘02 Insignia and got in exchange the ‘02 Napa cab and a t-shirt?
I'm not surprised at Lacers' observation. I had the same experience at the winery with the 2002 Cab and 2002 Insignia. Not decanted, just opened, I preferred the Cab. But then our host brought out a bottle of 2002 Insignia that was opened 2 days prior, and it was lights out, hands down the winner. The depth and complexity of the wine was amazing, and I take this to mean it will improve tremendously with cellaring.
If you're going to drink one tonight, the Cab is tempting, especially considering the price. If you want to lay a bottle down for a few years (or in my case 18 years for my boy born in 2002), choose the Insignia.

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