2002 Evesham Wood Cuvee J Pinot Noir

The wine was tasted 1 hour and 40 minutes after splash decanting. It had a musty nose of cherries and dill pickles without the volatile acidity. On the palate, the wine had tart cherry flavors and some harsh edges. The great depth of flavor indicates this may evolve beautifully as the wine softens. My guess based on previous vintages of this wine is that it needs another 5 to 7 years. 89-93
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I've been buying Evesham Wood pinots since the 1989 vintage, and all are still drinking well. The 1993 Cuvee J remains one of the greatest New World pinots I've ever tasted.

You'll have a tough time finding the Cuvee J in Oregon as it's somewhat of a cult wine (in the same mold as Cameron Clos Electrique and Thomas). I know Evesham Wood is distributed in California because I've purchased Cuvee J from Bottle Barn in Santa Rosa -- maybe you should check there first.

You can also check http://www.eveshamwood.com for info about visits and their current releases.

ThanX for the info Mark. It looks like i'll miss them by a few days. The new Cuvee J looks like it will get released this weekend. I need to find out who they use to distribute their wine in OR. It sounds like a great addition to the wine list.

I'll check Bottle Barn. That place rocks.

Call Russ at the winery. He's a nice guy, may turn a few loose for you if you beg.

Alternatively, you may want to ask Russ which retailers may have some product around. The wine can be found.

And I agree with the overall comments. Nice wine, good aging, fair price.

If you have a chance, stop by and say "Hi" when you're in OR. We'll be pouring our wine (Le Cadeau) at 459 SW 9th Street in Dundee.
We had our final bottle of this wine two nights ago. It just never evolved the way I expected. The best description I can give was that is was all you expect in a great OR PN x .85. Fruit and balance were there but it was boring and blah. Not too old, but maybe an off-bottle. Did not compare well to the better 2002s I've had. The 1993 would dance circles around this wine.

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