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Last night, April 12th, at a blind tasting, I had a wine that I missed the country, the vintage, the grapes, and especially the price! This was an outstanding over-the-top georgeous wine from Spain. Rich in nose, color, & taste, I thought it was an Ausssie concentrated Shiraz.

The 2002 Clio has 70% Monastrell (Mourvedre) & 30% Cabernet Sauvignon. The nose is rich in fruit, the taste is blue & blackberries with jammy prunes and vanilla, while the color is a deep blue/black/purple that is totally opaque.

Tonight, I read Parker's review & it reads as if this is a 97/100 point wine, but he only rated it 93 points. So, I'll give it a 97 and suggest you buy as much as you can find. At $40-$45 it is a real bargain! Eek


Last night, April 14th, I opened another Clio and found it to be less than stated above and more in line with mattach's comments below, and Parker's rating. Bottle variation? Perhaps, but this was the first bottle tasted and it was a blind tasting, without any preconceived opinions. While I think it is still an excellent Spanish wine, I'll lower the score to 90/92 points.
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BHV -- Actually, most of my wine dinners have been blind, or at least by the end of the evening.

Really, this was only a small inpromptu blind tasting attended by only 5 people, with 11 wines! I provided 5 bottles of Pinot Noir; 3 US and 2 French....including 2003 Martinelli Reserve & a 2003 Le Cadeau! I decanted the Le Cadeau 6 hours before pouring it back into the bottle for the blind Pinot Noir flight. The Le Cadeau won the Pinot flight!

As for the Clio----it is an excellent Spanish wine, but I opened another bottle last night and found it to be a 92 pointer, which is not nearly as good as our blind tasting on Wednesday night. So I am going to amend the above comments.....Still it is an excellent value and a very enjoyable wine.
Found two bottles on a wine list here in Scottsdale last night, and both bottles were the favorite wines of the night for everyone.

KSC02 and I were talking on the phone yesterday about Clio and their aging potential. I would say based on these two bottles, the few years of age was indeed a benefit for the 2002 vintage.

An excellent wine.
Just had the 03 on saturday and it was quite stunning. I really didn't perceive that this wine would improve much with age as it is drinking so well at this moment. This wine is amazing right now and remarkably well integrated given it's intense fruit profile.

Board-o, Just pop a cork and enjoy. I'm certainly not saving mine. Who knows what tomorrow may bring.....except new vintages of Clio! Big Grin
I've been holding on to this for awhile now, wanting to pop at 15 years. Snowed in today by a 15" storm, and after several hours plowing out the driveway, now is as good a time as any. Notes over first hour in glass.
Light bricking at rim with a deep purple heart. Classic aged Clio nose: a little spicy with tamed heat/alcohol; macerated fruit; slight tawny notes; and something very nice- a light bubble-gumminess I cannot quite place. This bottle is still alive, with velvety tannins and refreshing acid playing nicely together. There is a core of sweetness, that gentle tutti-fruitiness, supported by cedar staves, lithe enough on the palate to create yet another warm friendship with these bottlemates. All is in balance. A satisfying finish sails on a cedar ship over a sunset horizon. I'm not sure how much longer this will hold on, but it is drinking so nicely now. Very thankful this bottle showed so well. Reaffirms my belief these wines can be cellared and enjoyed for a relatively long time.

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