2002 Chablis Grand Cru Les Preuses (William Fevre)

This wine was served with steamed lobsters and the combination was excellent.

The color was a very pale green-gold. The nose of melons, tropical fruit, and citrus was completely devoid of oak. On the palate, the wine was very crisp with flavors of melons and grapefruit. It was still very closed and needs at least another year or two. It's already outstanding. How good it will be is difficult for me to ascertain. It kept improving through the lengthy dinner, with the last sips being by far the best. Be sure not to serve this wine overly chilled. 92-95?
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Thanks for the notes Board-O.

I bought 4 each of the 02' Clos, Valmur, and the Preuses. I've tried the Clos and one Brugros so far. Both were excellent, and the Brugros was really nice and complex. I may go back and get a few more Brugros. I plan try one of my Preuses and Valmurs too.

I also picked up 4 btls each of Christian Moreau 02' Valmur and Clos from Woodland Hills last week. Looking forward to trying one of those too.

Wish I could find some 02 Billaud Simons at a reasonable price. Pops list it for $70 blt?

Have you tried any 02' Pinson?
m-d-p, it's not like it's a tannic wine. I find most Grand Cru Chablis at its best about 4 years after vintage.

m61, do you mean Jean Moreau? I love his Chablis, with his Clos des Hospice (from a small section of Les Clos) to be consistently outstanding, except for the puzzling 1997. I didn't find the Fevre Les Clos. I hope to. I've never had a Pinson.
We had this at a BYO dinner Saturday night. No notes were taken. This was a crisp, obviously young Grand Cru Chablis with a pervasive minerality and great lemon edge to it. If we'd had this at home, I'd have decanted it for an hour. I think it's acidic edge and bite need a couple of more years to round into shape. 92-95
We had this wine again recently. I found the nose closed with hints of citrus. The wine was flinty dry, crisp, with lemon and mineral flavors dominating. Still young. I tend to like my whites young, but this wine still needs some time. 90 It paired well with pan-seared sea scallops.
We had another bottle of this wine last night. Though I tend to like most Chardonnays young, I think this one has benefited from the additional age. The color is still a pale green gold. The nose was a bit light with some citrus and honeydew. On the plate, the wine was nicely crisp with notes of pineapple, minerals, and melon. Seems ready now. 93

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