I received my mailer from Aubert for their 2002 chardonnays. This is the first experience being on a wineries mailer and I am looking for some insight on their business practices. I have read all the stories about Kistler and the tactics they use to sell their most prized wines. With customers having to purchase several cases of chardonnay, just to get their hands on a couple pinots. I am all for rewarding loyal customers but this tactic seems a bit extreme. Any fellow forumites have any experience with Aubert? Were you restricted in your future offerings because you didn’t purchase the full allotment?

My allocation offering totaled one case comprising of 10 Ritchie and 2 Quarry vineyard Chardonnays with no large format bottles being offered. I will probably be ordering the entire allotment. It will be interesting to see if I get their pinots offered to me in February and what my allotment will be. Roll Eyes


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You wont regret buying any of there wine. I bought all mine for the last 2 years. Had both the 01' Ritchie and Quarry a few months ago out of a decanter which was the first time I decanted a white wine the cloudiness of the wine was funny and brought a few jokes but they were amazing.
You should get a few bottles of the Pinot especially since you are buying your full allocation.
These guys are REALLY nice people and nothing like Kistler to deal with. I want to buy their wine just because they are fun to buy from. My problem is that while their wines are high quality, they have a tinge too much new oak influence for my liking. Also I just blew out my budget on a bunch of; 00' 01' and 02' premier cru French Chablis and Puligny for about $15-$20 less per bottle, that I much prefer. I may just order 3 bottles of each vineyard for curiousity's sake and because I like the Auberts. Oh, and I would like to try the Pinot N.
Aubert's case production is miniscule when compared to Kistler. At this time the only valid comparison is that they both make Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

Although I haven't had the Aubert, I'm going to buy and try. People I respect have had good things to say about it.

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I have been on the list from the beginning ('00 Vintage) and absolutely loved the '01 Ritchie and for $50.00 a lot better than most Kistlers imho.

In regards to this years allocation, i do not know as i have not yet received the mailer,(maybe today), last years was 12 Ritchie, 12 Quarry along with 1 magnum of each.
I sure am looking forward to trying the Pinot Noir!


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