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Several of the Memphis area Forumites gathered at Ruth's Chis for dinner Sunday evening, and our introduction to the 2002 & 2003 Le Cadeau. I can confidently say--they were both outstanding! Over the last two summers, I had tasted both of these wines from the barrel, but I did not expect they would be so good, so soon, from the bottle. Well they were both excellent! My notes:

2002 Le Cadeau-----A classic Pinot that is stately and totally in balance. It is seductive with red & cherry fruits in a mineral base...92/95 points.
For me, the 2002 Le Cadeau was the best Pinot with food that we had Sunday evening, and we had 8 Pinots!....

2003 Le Cadeau-----Wow! Lush, but in balance, black cherry and other darker fruits in a mineral base. The 2003 vintage of Le Cadeau is very rich and forward. Tom probably wouldn't like me to call it a Pinot/Zin, and it's not, but still this is a rich and a well-made wine that is fruity and with a kiss of sweetness! 93/95+ points. My WOTN

Finally, the 2002 & 2003 Le Cadeau (The Gift), is the best QPR wine I've had in a long time. Yes, I always look for a bargain, and Le Cadeau is a premium Pinot Noir which has an excellent introductory price. Excellent job, Tom!

Other Pinots
2001 St Innocent Anden 85 points--Bayer Asprin
2000 Adelshien 92 points
2002 Argyle Nuthouse 90 points
1994 Kalin 89/90 points (needed more air time)
2002 Rincon 93 pts. (fine, but a tad too sweet)
2001 Golden Eye 94/95 (fine, but very concentrated and overextracted, probably best with cheese and not a dinner wine IMHO!

Le Cadeau is made by Tom Mortimer,(who is WS Forums member, BHVineyard). He can be reached as follows: email (, or write to:
Le Cadeau Vineyard
P.O. Box 268
Dundee, OR 97115

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Thanks for the kind review of the Le Cadeau wines, and for arranging a MOST ENJOYABLE evening. It was a great wine line-up, and I enjoyed them all. Personally, the Kalin for me was a very nice wine-- distinctive and beautifully aged. I enjoyed that wine quite a bit (92 - 93 pts for me).


You are correct, the 2003 is not released, but for mailing list clients that order the 2002, I will let an equal amount of the 2003 out the door... So, for example, if that would help you fill a case to get the more attractive case pricing, I suspect a few bottles of 2003 could find their way into your box.
We had the 2003 Le Cadeau last night:

It had a beautiful deep nose of cherries and ripe berries without the floral notes often found in California Pinot Noirs. On the palate, the wine is concentrated and forward with juicy flavors of tart raspberries. Still a little young, this will certainly get better with more age. 90 at this young stage, with a potential of maybe 93. I highly recommend it.
I have two left, too, Board-O. I want to drink them up... they're delicious, but so far I'm holding for vertical tastings in the future as well. My will power might be close to expiring, though, with the holidays coming.

When is Tom's mailer coming out - I'm anxious to get that locked in? Maybe Latour, who sounded like he's on the payroll in his post here, can tell us. (just ribbing ya, Latour)
2002 Le Cadeau, I opened a bottle last night and it was very good. I had a couple of glasses and recorked it. I opened tonight (July 4th) and wow, its incredible. Huge mouth feel. The nose is very floral. More than I have ever noticed before. Great balance and great body. Maybe its the peppered salmi but this is drinking better than ever. Last night 91-92 points. Tonite 94-95. Thank god I have a few left. Any 92 Magnums around?
At a very small blind tasting recently, I supplied the 2002 Le Cadeau, and someone indentified it as a Cali Pinot! Red Face I'm not saying who that someone was, but he should have known better, BHV! Eek

This was a wonderfully rich and supple bottle and it is drinking very nicely now, or you can continue to cellar for 5+ years, and probably much, much longer. A creamy mixture of red, blue, & black fruits, slightly sweet, a seductive nose, and totally all in balance. Wow, this is the best bottle of 2002 Le Cadeau I've opened! 94/95 points
Originally posted by Red Vino:
Have one of these arriving from auction this Thursday and have a couple left from original purchase. Have to open one soon.

Red Vino,

Just a suggestion: you might consider opening that "auction bottle" first, keeping your original purchase bottles for the long term. I'll be interested to read your notes on the 2002 Le Cadeau.

Thank you for your very kind comment. Sorry that they're gone and that you regret that, but consider this: If you had not enjoyed them, you would not have consumed them so quickly. So while there may have been a small amount of incremental gain, or nuance, to have been achieved, its good to know that they were nonetheless well-enjoyed. Also, with a young vineyard, any betting person would have consumed the wines at a younger age. No one, including me, had any way of knowing how our wines would age. Even now, we're just beginning to get a picture of ageability.

With respect to the quality of our first few vintages, we consider it to be more of a "blessing" than an "accomplishment". Ten years ago I asked the viticulturalist that planted the first portion of Le Cadeau Vineyard: "How do you know if a vineyard site is going to be great, OK, or mediocre?" She replied, "Oh, that's easy, you just plant it and wait 10-years." We had the pleasure of catching up to Diane Kenworthy and her husband, Robert, last year for a reunion dinner (they moved back to sunny California where they manage a property for Joel Peterson-- very cool old vine plants!) and I think I can safely say that Diane and Robert enjoyed trying their first Le Cadeau wines.

With respect to the development of a new vineyard in an area that is not surrounded by existing vineyards (as is the case with Le Cadeau) the reality is: there are some things that are known; some things that are sort-of known; and some things that unknown. Like all projects, you do your research and try to manage the things that are knowable and sort-of knowable to the best of your ability. But at the end of the day, it's the unknowable things that ultimately decide a major portion of how it all works out. In that regard, we've been very fortunate, and that is one of the reasons why we named it "Le Cadeau". The other, is that none of this would have been possible without the wisdom, generosity, and patience of many people that have become friends-- Diane and Robert, Harry Peterson-Nedry, Buddy Beck and his vineyard management team, Josh Bergstrom, Sam Tannahill and Cheryl Francis, and many others.

But again, thanks for the nice thoughts.

RV, your appetite is impressive!

We opened a bottle of the 2003 Le Cadeau last night and found the color to be youthful and vibrant. However, something is going on with this wine as the fruit has gone from lush and sweet, to a rather tart finish. Has the 2003 Le Cadeau shut down, going thru a metamorphosis, or prematurely ageing and losing fruit? We had no time for decanting, and it may have opened with sufficient time in the decanter.

My opinion is that it has shut down and just needs more time. Again, I see no evidence of ageing in the color, and I expect to see a more favorable wine with more time. I just hope I'm right, because I still have a case+ in the cellar. I might test the progress from time to time, but my target date for this wine is 2011 to 2013, and maybe longer.
latour67 -- Thanks for the note. I hope that you're right and this just needs more time. '03 was not my favorite Oregon vintage, but I have become a bit more concerned about this and several other '03 Oregon Pinots, which I really liked, that have not shown as well recently. Hopefully, they are just going through a dumb phase and not starting the downward decline.

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