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no decanting...

lovely dark, rich coloring... nose of dark fruit, cassis, licorice & oak... juicy & sweet on the palate, with continued finesse through the finish where vanilla, mocha, & some cinammon toast spice compliment the fruity finish, north of 15-20 sec... easily 91/92

will report back later as/if the wine progresses...


what a difference an hour makes Wink

warm mocha & full cinnamon on the nose now... the fruit taking a back seat to all the added flavors, mocha on the palate replaced by full blown, creamy milk chocolate, a true delight... 93!

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Purchased 6 bottles in April when the big story came about this wine. My wife bought them for me and she got them for $25 minus the 10 half case discount. I never thought that the wine was anything to write about, but guess what Kumazam, everyone else likes it a lot, so I must be wrong.

Now, my local shop sells it for $15.99. I did not buy any, but I think that I would've liked it better at that price.

Glad you liked it, Otto Smile

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