I became interested in some Verite wine a few months ago and signed up to get on their mailing list.

I'm immediately offered wine, priced a whopping $125 a bottle, or $275 for a magnum.

In Wine Advocate 150 they were listed at $90.

While they are offering their 2001's exclusively to their mailing list customers first (6 bottles of each, can request more and maybe get it), wbat's the chance that the mailing list will buy it up? I can't imagine they've all of the sudden developed a long waiting list.

Personally I'd only buy high-priced mailing list only wines if I thought they'd command a good bit more at auction, basically I'd sell part of it to make what I keep affordable to myself. I can't really imagine that's gonna happen with this wine.

Anybody else wondering what to do with this offering? Sounds like they want to be a cult, saying "P.S. To ensure your current and future allocation, please send your order to us by June 14th". Do I really have to worry about future allocations? Is 2001 going to be the "take-off" vintage for this winery to really make them somebody whose wine goes for much more at auction than mailing list?

Maybe I'll just go out and buy more of my favorite $50 Aussie cab....

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