Today Costco in Novi Michigan placed 24 bottles of the above vitage for sale at $16.79 per bottle. Does this surprise anyone?
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Should we be surprised about the low cost or the high cost? As I recall the 99 of this was in WS's top 20 or so wines of the year, and it was pretty good. Probably a few bucks more than this.

Try one Thomas, and post the TN for us to know if it's a good deal.

Yes, but I came here for an argument.

Oh! Oh! I'm sorry, this is abuse.
doesn't seem like a bad $$$, i paid $19 for the 01' Simi Alexander Merlot not too long ago, wasn't that impressed actually... hopefully the Cab will be better
WS notes on the 2001 Simi Merlot: "Aromas of earth, herb, clay and berry veer toward bitter and stemmy, with bell pepper and olive. Drink now through 2005. 8,699 cases made. (JL) 83 pts" Not very complimentary are they? No notes yet on the cab, but I would try one before I bought more.
From what i have read on the Squires Board the Simi is not nearly as good as the Sebastiani AV 01 which is in the same price point.
sebastiani notes
mini sebastiani simi comparrison

I have not tried the Simi but other than the wierd aftertaste the Sebastiani is absolutely delicious for $19.00. Would never have guessed it. It is a great wine with a tremendous mid-palate but then the finish has this weird bitter thing on it. Worth the money though. I blind tasted this last night with 1/2 dozen friends and they were all throughly impressed.



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I bought a cases too. With a WS rating of 92 to 94 coming, a $16.99 wine has got to be worth it. You can take it to Mo's on 10 in Novi and drink it with a great meal. ( I don't think he has a corkage fee.)
Tasted the Simi, Sebastiani, and Hanna 2001s blind a few nights ago. It wasn't a very scientific or controlled experiment, but 4 people thought the Sebastiani was the best, 2 thought the Hanna was the best. I think they are all great for under $20. The Simi by far had the best aromas.

I can get the Simi for $17, the Hanna for $20, and the Sebastiani for $18 in Minnesota.
The 01' Sebastiani Alxy Vly Cab has to be the best QPR so far of the 01' Cabs that I've tried. I've decanted for about 3 hours and the fruit really comes through. At first the only knock on this wine is the dry tannin on the finish yet by the second day things seem to come together. I think that over the next couple of years it will drink very well. Got mine in NH for $16/btl after case discount.
I was just out at the Simi winery three weeks ago and had a private tasting with the wine makerwas the wine maker for Chateau st.Jean for 6-7 years.He's only been there for one year so the 03' vintages should be something to look forward to.I can tell you being in wine sales that we wholesale the simi for around $22 so if you can buy it under that your doing really well.I was able to get some sebastiani 2001 AV for $14.99 92PTS WS

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