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I have been drinking wine for well over 20 years and sure I like a sweet wine from time to time...that's what Ausleses are for right?

Well I picked up my first Sauterne, a 01 Doisy Vedrines. What an experience, I will have to get more and try this as it ages (I also picked up some Coutet). I never had a wine that was so sweet yet balanced on a razor's edge with such delineated acidity. Not cloying in anyway, a decadent yet refreshing nectar. Multiple layers of flavor and a great bouquet, plus the mouth sensation of almost oily then stripped clean with acid. Maybe it's the vintage, but I guess I am now a fan.

Now , more wine I need to buy.
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I have some of the '01 Petite Vedrines on hold for me next time I go home to upstate NY. I believe that this is the 2nd wine of Doisy Vedrines. It is supposed to be really good stuff for a 2nd label. Anyone try this one?


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Blue Oval brought a bottle of the '01 Doisy-Vedrines to our recent off-line at Mykha's. My brief notes:

Smooth and clean honey, tangerine peel, and caramel flavors. Quite sturdy, lean and powerful. Not as creamy as many Sauternes I have tried. Should age well for years. 92P.

Thanks for sharing this one, Blue Oval!


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I posted my impression on this wine and stick to it in spite of the fact that RP only gave it 89 pts. Another reason I look to TNs vice points (but I think JS scored it higher). I am also a newbie when it comes to the stickies so my palate may not be as well trained as it is in Bordeaux and white Burgs. I do put my money where my mouth er palate is. I found some 750's of this and bought them. Got 20% off so not too bad but not as good a futures pricing.
This was an outstanding Sauternes; but, it definitely needs some time to show better. I thought the 2001 Suduiraut was much more approachable.

This wine showed more spice and ginger notes. It was an excellent match with the simple Tahitian vanilla bean ice cream that I had. Notes of mango, lemon and honey. I agree with Otis. 92 points.

I'm glad I picked up 12 375ml bottles for $11.50 each.

2001 Château Doisy-Védrines - France, Bordeaux, Sauternais, Barsac (12/26/2006)

I opened another bottle on Christmas day with a traditional creme brulee topped with fresh raspberries that my wife made. I did not think this was drinking very well. Certainly not as good as the first 2 times I've had this. Overall I would say that this lacked some intesity. Similar notes as before. 90 points.

2001 Château Doisy-Védrines - France, Bordeaux, Sauternais, Barsac (8/23/2007)

This was poured at the pre CDP dinner at CHIC 2 weeks ago. The fourth time I have had this wine and it has shown very consistently each time. Still young but showing hints that it is developing some secondary nuances. Typical Sauternes spice with notes of apricot. I have 10 375ml bottles of this so I was anxious to see how it is progressing. 91 points.

2001 Château Doisy-Védrines - France, Bordeaux, Sauternais, Sauternes (4/19/2011)
Popped and poured. Golden yellow color. Orange marmalade nose with hint of lemon and vanilla. Full bodied with a fruit forward palate matching the nose with the addition of some good botrytis spice. A bit more acidity would be welcome. 20+ second finish where the acidity begins to show itself in some brighter lemon flavors, and ends with some pleasant botrytis spice.

A very good, but not great, Sauternes that’s showing no signs of fading. Drink or hold. (90 pts.)

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