Opened this one today, and decanted for six hours prior to dinner. Finished (with help) over the next couple of hours. Nice sangiovese nose that was apparent the second the cork came off. Enamel-stripping tannins right out of the bottle that were approachable by supper. Huge Brunello with good acidity, great core of red fruits and tannins, but not showing much else. This one is closed for business. Quite a bit of oak on the medium finish.

I'm not opening any more until 2010 at earliest. 95pts from WS seems high, but we'll see what some bottle time brings, eh?
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Not exactly sure why, but I felt like living on the edge a bit this weekend, so popped another one of these babies, just to see.

It started out almost as tight as before, but it's been decanting for 36 hours, and the tannic shroud has diminished a bit. Better nose than I remember.

Underneath the grip, the fruit is nice, tart cherry, berries, some tarry asphalt, and something sweet like butterscotch, which is encouraging. I can see this thing lasting a long, long time. No rating yet, but this thing could be stupifyingly good in about 15 years. Hold, unless you like 'em young.
Popped, had a small glass, then consumed over 24 hours. Not decanted, little sediment. Had by itself, and with some parm regg. No hint of bricking, deep ruby/violet color.

Cherries on the nose, and each sniff over the 24 hours seemed a bit different, and included sweet cherry, toffee, oak, cedar, vanilla, tart plums, coffee grounds, leather, and some heat on the nose (not palate) early on.

A big rough, old-school brunello. It's not much different than the past two notes, but perhaps a bit smoother. Delicious lip-smacking dark and red fruits, wood, leather, but hidden by burly tannins. I enjoyed it with the parm, and absolutely needs food at this point. Neither open nor closed. Hold, if the fruit hangs in there, look the hell out.
Opened one of these last night to go with some fettuccine with ragu.

Interesting that none of your bottles showed any brett IB, because ours definitely did. It did blow off with a little swirling leaving a really nice Brunello. Love the mouthfeel although there was a little heat on the finish as compared to the 01 Valdicava we had alongside it. Still pretty tannic too. 91 points.
No Brett at all in mine. Glad you liked yours, sorry you didn't like yours a bit better. Have a good New Year Steve!
I e drank 2 of these in 2014 and have 1 left. From memory, decanted both approximately 2 hrs and these have to have food with them. A lot of oak unresolved and I'm not sure if they get much better though I think a drinking timeline over the next 10 years is about right. I'd say 90/92 pt range.
Opened one last eve. Came from the same case as my others, but this one was quite raisiny, with much less acidity than previous bottles had. No telltale signs of being horribly cooked, like acetone, but definitely an off bottle. I didn't pick up any VA or brett. NR.
Opened last eve with Italian food and cheeses. Not decanted, consumed over three hours.

Just beautiful, but the case I bought has been perplexing. Some bottles have been raisiny and lifeless, and a few, like this one, have been spectacular.

Loads of lip-smacking cherry and other red fruit, nice ripe sweetness coming through in the middle, tame but present tannin, tasty acidity. An interesting mushroomy component as well. The thing this bottle showed was intensity. Very powerful and concentrated flavors. Wonderful. For giggles, my GF and I opened a 2009 Monsanto Chianti Riserva
to try alongside it, and while it was good, it basically tasted like an imposter, someone that tells a few jokes, gets a few laughs, but shrinks into the corner when Chris Rock walks into the room.

I have two or three more bottles, and based on this one, there's no hurry to open, but I know they could just as easy be a raisiny mess. Wish me luck. 95pts.

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