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Is the 2001 and 2002 vintages in Washington considered to be good vintages?

And also, has anyone saw the pricing of Leonetti wines for these vintages?

A retailer I know today got their confirmation on the Leonetti wines and are offering them at these prices

2001 Cab $75
2001 Reserve $110
2002 Merlot $65
2002 Sangiovese $50

Does this seem close in price to what everyone else is hearing?
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Those prices for Leonetti have been about the same for the past couple years.
Don't expect to see them till May 1.
The damage in 96 was far more severe than what we are seeing here this year. 96 saw damaged vines that had to be replanted, so far this year the primary shoots are shot, mostly in Merlot. Some vineyards will be able to work with their vines, some will just cut back and not have a crop. Yakima was not hit as hard.
Still a little early to tell and it's only January- theres still a lot of snow on the ground out here.
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