2000 Taylor-Fladgate Vintage Port

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From 375mL. Opaque, inky black colour. Stains the glass. Aromas of black licorice, black plums, raspberry, alcohol, roasted almonds. Full-bodied, tannic, with alcohol, cinnamon, blackberries, cloves. Medium-sweet. Long finish, 50s, with black fruit. Surprisingly drinkable, but still very, very primary. Leave this in the cellar. 93 points (05/21/2005).
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the colour was a purple/black right out of the bottle. Nose of dark fruit. Long finish. I picked up grape concentrate on the finish (Welch's?). Very enjoyable. I have recently tasted 4 or 5 of the lower tier 2000 VPs (WS90-92pts) and this is definately a step above.

I need to buy some of this!
So does everyone buy VP based on ratings? Do you buy the 2000 Taylors because you enjoyed the 85? Do you buy 3, 6, 12 bottles without even tasting one in the hope that in 10-20 years you'll like this wine?

I guess I just don't get it. I'll drink a number of 2000 VPs in my price range and then pick the 1 or 2 I like best and buy 3 of each (or whatever number) to then lay down for 10yrs.

I appreciate that these are very young wines but how do you determine which one you like without tasting it?

I have a half bottle of 01 Fonseca Guimaraens infront of me for tomorrow (based on Stevie C's TNs). Am I stupid for tasting this? Should I just buy 4-6 and stick them in the cellar for 10 yrs in the hope I like it? I'm sure glad I opened the 94 Churchill before buying 6 of them based solely on the 93 rating. The 94 Churchill doesn't even come close to this 2000 Taylor IMHO.

Half of the fun for me will be following the development of the 2000 VPs I have placed in the cellar.

Please don't take this the wrong way as I'm not trying to beat anyone down on this. I just don't understand how someone buys in bulk without first tasting it.
I think the answer to your question depends on how many bottles you have,in Ontario at least where it is almost impossible to taste before buying.

If you can afford to buy several bottles, why not taste one right away to see what you think? I usually cannot afford to buy more than three bottles of a given port, and I know from experience that I prefer my ports well aged, so to open a bottle so young would likely be wasting it, for my tastes. I've tasted several 97s (at a Vintages tasting), 94s and 91s (at offlines mostly) and found them all (except the 97 Sandeman Vau) to be much too young for me.

As for relying on ratings, well, if I cannot taste a wine what else do I have to go on, besides opinions on these forums, of course? Suckling, Parker, Hersch, Robinson, Decanter panels - all these guys make a living from tasting and writing about port, so I do rely on them to a great extent to tell which ports to buy, especially since I cannot taste the ports myself before I buy.

Confessions of a shameless point-chaser....
Bman, SC, thanks. Most of the wine I buy is in the 3-6 bottle range for budget reasons as well. I use prof ratings when I buy, it's a tool to help me sort through the thousands of bottles which are available. These boards are very helpful and the two of you (amoung others) have helped a lot with my new interest in VP.

I've had limited experience with well aged VP, the few I've had have been dissappointing. I find the 2000s and 2001s to have lots of power and they're packed with fruit. I enjoy this. I'm not a finesse guy so maybe (for now) the aged VPs are not my style. I'm hestitant to say this until I taste a top quality aged VP. This in itself is the problem as the 77 Fonseca recently released at the LCBO was $490cdn, the pre 80s Taylor's are $400+. I'll stick to the yonger VPs in the $50-70 range for now.

Looking back at my post it is likely more a rant than anything else.

Back on topic, I thought this 2000 Taylor was amazing and I'll be looking out for it here (if released) at the LCBO and next time I'm south of the border.

SC - just popped the 01 Fonseca-G and looking forward to the rest of the evening. Hopefully I'll have the patience to save a little for tomorrow!
I agree with most of the comments above, especially with the notes about the 2000 Taylor drinking beautifully at present, but it will improve with age. Most of you already know that I truly enjoy aged Bordeaux. The 2000 Taylor I opened was to be enjoyed with the stilton and other great cheeses brought to the offline by basecadet. My one bottle of '77 Warres is being reserved for bman when he visits T.O next. Since I hadn't tried the 2000 VP's at all, it was a good time to open a 375 and share it with other enthusiasts. Thankfully,
I bought fairly substantially for the 2000's.
My next wish is to live long enough to enjoy them in the next 25-30 years. At my stage in the game, that would indeed be a pleasure!
Vive le TWC.
mwaters: I hope you enjoy the '01 Guimaraens! I liked it quite a bit. And since you like your VP young this one is probably a good choice; much more accessible at young age than e.g. Taylor (or Taylor Vargellas) which I personally find very tannic and acidic when young.
I've only had the 77 Warre once, at the infamous 2002 NYC mega-offline, poured without decanting or any breathing at all.

Of course, that was still better than the way some others drank it, right out of the bottle they were passing between themselves at 1am, while staggering down Lexington Avenue!

Yes, really.....
After tasting the 01 Fonseca G and the 91 Graham I find the 2000 Taylor the best of the 3. The purple/black colour right out of the bottle, thick body and grape concentrate on the finish I found amazing. I only tasted one good pour of this unfortunately due to time but this is a port I need in my cellar.

Thank you DoktaP!
So it was tasted criminally young by a criminally young wine-taster, who said to leave it in the cellar. Sounds good to me. Thanks for the note Fut.

As for relying on the ratings of others? That sounds like a good idea too. I know the Port houses that I like - Graham's, Taylors, Warres, Dow, Fonseca etc - and I'm willing to take the word of experts on the quality of these houses in a particular year. I have difficulty appreciating VP when it is too young so I'll leave it to them.

BTW, had a Brazillian on my course last week, called Bomfim. He'd never heard of Dow Port, so I enlightened him.
Originally posted by KillerB:
So it was tasted criminally young by a criminally young wine-taster, who said to leave it in the cellar. Sounds good to me. Thanks for the note Fut.

My pleasure. Bigger thanks go to DoktaP for opening it. How could I say no?

I've got a lone half bottle of this that won't see the light of day for some time.
I had a hankering for port last night so I opened one of my 375's of this. Decanted, it was dusty on the nose, which had me worried initially, but it blew off. However, there wasn't much on the nose after the dustiness was gone, but in the glass...wow. Massive wine, sweet black fruits and spice. Superb finish.

Still very young, this wine has a longer life ahead of it than I do. I gave this bottle a 94, which would have been higher had the nose not been so muted.

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