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Riddler, hope you are well. I would say the reasons are:

1. 2000 was an iffy vintage and careful selection is required based primarily on producer.

2. As this is an offering from Potels' Collection Bellenum, we have no idea who the producer was.

3. There aren't many Ontarians who would part with $223 for a single bottle of wine, and those that would are likely cognizant of reasons 1 and 2 above.

Bonus reason: Jancis gave it 17/20 with this less-than-flattering review (for a $200+ bottle): "Medium intense smudgy ruby. Very light, almost bonbon nose. Rather harsh and chewy. Hint of animal and masses of tannin still".

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Understood.   $222 isn't bad for a Grand Cru, especially a 20yr old bottle, which we all know have their prices cranked up every year they're brought in after release.  Thought someone might have given one a "go" by now.   I guess I'm hoping they'll have a "clear out sale" soon on this, since they still have so much available.  At $150, I'd risk it.

I have not tried this particular bottling but past experiences with Collection Bellenum offerings has been mixed, to put it mildly. Some have been amazing and others undrinkable.

Potel buys older stocks from various cellars in the region to bottle under this label, keeping the original producer's name a secret. So really, you have no idea what you're getting and basically rolling the dice. I'd take that risk, but not at the prices being charged in this market. If they do drop this one further and you pick up a bottle I'd love to hear your thoughts on it. 

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