Ferrande (Graves) - light ruby color, cherry notes, slightly herbal. 84/85

Fourcas-Hosten (Listrac, Medoc) - bitter and oaky nose. short finish. 85

Beaumont (Haut-Medoc) - Didn't see them at the tasting.

Cantermerle (Haut-Medoc) - Another futures order here and still at a reasonable price. Slightly disappointed in it's overly tannic finish. This wine has a very appealing earthy, woodsy, mushroomy nose and lush blackberries, earth, and lead pencil on a suprisingly tannic finish. Meant to cellar. 89+ now, 92 potential.

Coufran (HM) - Sweet licorice and pepper notes. 88

La Lagune (HM) - This has some bright intense red fruit action going on in the nose. Very appealing. Very sweet soft tannins on the finish. Inviting. Something to enjoy by the end of the decade. 90/91

Malescasse (HM) - missed this one too!

Greysac (Medoc) - Suprise performance here! Woodsy and cedar in the nose. Some up-front light chalky red fruit, but flavors of bubblegum, flowers, and mint all on a soft tannic structure. BBalanced and another short term drinker. 88/89
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I tried 2 of these:

Beaumont- Dark reddish purple color. Bitter fruit on the nose. Notes of cherry, dark berries and toasty oak. Medium bodied. My wife liked this more than I did. 89-90 points.

Cantemerle- This was a wine I wanted to try because the experts disagredd on it. WS gave it 92-94 and WA an 87-88. In addition to berries it had a nutty aroma. The wine was filled with rich fruit and had a full mouth feel. I noted boysenberry, raw meat and dark chocolate in this medium to full bodied wine. Silky tannins. 92-93 points.

TN's that I posted elsewhere re Greysac that maybe belong here. A pleasant surprise I agree.

Ch. Greysac 2000. A medium bodied, fairly complex wine for its class (bas medoc) which I quite enjoyed. It's drinkable now, esp in half bottle. 2000 Greysac was panned in Broadbent's recent book; don't quite know why.

Ch. Greysac 1999. More tannic and less fruity than 2000. Not as much bouquet as 2000 (which was already light). Could perhaps stand a year more aging before touching?

I opened my 1st of four '00 Ch. Beaumont this past Saturday, celebrating the G-man's victory in the Rec Bowl football semi-finals. Initial aromas included hot, funky wood, and red fruit, along w/some tobacco.

AIR! Holy crap this wine needs air (3-4 hrs.) but when it gets some it really mellows out nicely. Black cherry and blackberry fruits, dark cocoa, and mineral notes. Definitely tannic, but in an acceptable way. Agree w/your assessment at 89-90 pts., would be great w/a NY strip.

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