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Given all the attention the 2001 Alec's Blend has recently drawn, I figured I'd open a bottle of the 2000 and see how it is drinking. Pulled directly from my 58f cellar, where it has been stored since release, and consumed over the next four hours. I poured directly from the bottle despite large amounts of sediment that were evident on the cork/inner neck, as well as in the bottoms of the glasses when the bottle was finished. I would definetly recommend decanting.

This wine is a beautiful opaque deep purple in color, with a nose of sweet mocha, toffee, bluberry pie, and white pepper. A wave of blue/black fruit dominate the midpalate with points of mint, cedar, and spice, leading to a really nice, rich finish with plenty of tannins.

A very enjoyable, full bodied, CA Rhone that has me looking forward to trying the '01.

92 points Smile
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Grape Ape:

Glad you enjoyed the 2000 bottling. I had one a month ago and was struck by how youthful and complex it still was -- it hadn't lost a beat.

The 2002 bottling that just garnered a fabulously high score struck me as that much richer and layered than the 2000 and 2001 (the 2001 was very much like the 2000). I have been touting it for three months now. You will not be disappointed.

Lewis is one of those wineries that can seemingly do no wrong (i.e., every wine I taste from them garners 90+ points). I put it in the same category with Paul Hobbs and Pride, with Hartford Court and Martinelli just a tick behind. And, before the snipers start shooting, I am referring to wineries where most of their output is under $100, they are available at retail outlets, they make more than two varietals, and they have at least 8 bottlings per vintage.
Highdesertwine -

I'm a dork Roll Eyes The wine I was referring to was in fact the '02 Alec's Blend. . . Thanks for the correction. Big Grin

As for your assessment of the winery, I agree. I have been collecting Lewis Reserve Cab since the '94 vintage, skipped vintages '95-'96, then jumped back on board in '97 and have stuck around ever since. My personal favorite so far has been the '99 vintage, with the Reserve Cab and the Syrah two of my all time favorites. Smile Smile Smile

BTW-thanks again for your help over the phone on Friday.

Grape Ape

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