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Originally posted by Redhawk:
Decanted for about 2 hours.

The nose on this wine was that of a beautiful classic St. Julien, right down to the pencil shavings. Rich, balanced, gorgeous structure, long finish. This wine was singing. Definitely open for business. 96+

You talked me into standing one of these up. I haven't opened any of my 2000 Bordeaux yet. I have a 1990 Leoville Poyferre standing up for dinner tomorrow. Anybody have any recent experience with that one?

As noted by others above, the nose on this wine is incredible. Unfortunately the palate doesn't follow through on that. Wonderful mouthfeel, silky and really well made wine but a little thin on the mid-palate and kind of boring dark fruit Boredeaux flavour profile.

92 or 93 for me, it was outclassed by an 06 Almaviva on this night. If I had any more I'd probably hold for a few years but I doubt it will improve.

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