Has anyone had this and liked it? I was quite disappointed. No fruit, bitter green tannins, abrupt finish. I thought their 98 & 99 were much better. Im just hoping its a little variation since they make a few hundred thousand cases of the stuff. I think WS gave it 90 points in the recent issue. Confused
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Seems like Franciscan pulled a "Souverain" and bought some ad space in the WS......

Something smells fishy...

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Tonester -

I sure hope I enjoy it more than you did. I bought a bunch based upon the rating, TNs, and previous experience with Franciscan.

But then again if it sucks, I should know better to buy wine without tasting it first.... Roll Eyes
I actually have liked the '98 and '99 when i've had them. But up here they want $25-$27 for a btl, which is just not worth it. If I found this for < $20 I might be tempted to pick one up.


What you must realize is that there is no spoon...
I've had both the 99 and 2000 (although not side by side) and enjoyed both.
My notes on the 2000:
Light bodied cab with good clarity. Nose of smokey fruit.
Smooth on the pallet with a touch of complexity with layers of current and smokey oak. Medium short finish with ceader and spice.
Not a blockbuster, but still quite enjoyable with grilled steaks. My rating: 88 pts.
I believe they made 80k+ cases of this, so bottle variation would not be unexpected.

For comparison, my notes on the 1999:
Cranberry color with decent clarity. Nose of licorice & currant. Soft and smooth right out of the bottle with a moderate finnish thick with drying tannins and a lingering spice note. Dark fruit on the pallet with just a hint of an acidic (?) bite. A lot of oak influance in this wine. Very drinkable but not overly complex, should improve with time. My rating: 88pts.

Although I had these several months apart, I rated them both at 88, so at least to me they were pretty close.

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drinking some right now. i would have to say i do enjoy it. it was selling for lest than $15- at my local Costco so i picked one up (despite the fact i am waiting for 01' Napa).

tannins were very present after about an hour out of the cellar and maybe 15-20 min. in the glass. after about an hour and half or so it is drinking very nicely. dont think it will get any better with age, so if you are looking for a nice Cabernet at an affordable price to drink now... this isn't a bad choice.

Picked it up at Costco the other day for $18, so I'm a little on the disappointed side. I found it to have a bright cherry, plum nose with slight woody notes. The fruit was there but the tannins seemed too raw and green to be really enjoyable for me.

On an interesting note, I had this with some homemade pizza (read: of the frozen Safeway variety) that I topped with sundried tomatoes, artichoke hearts and green bell peppers. OK, so I know it might not have been the wisest choice to drink a cab with pizza containing green peppers, but I was hard up for a glass. But the weird thing is that mixing those green, raw tannins with the peppers actually made for a....wait for it...not unpleasant combination. Weird. Eek
finished off the bottle with some tri-tip for lunch. still quite good, the tannins hid behind a very fruity initial taste this time.
Had this tonight with Tri-tip and it was very nice. Fruit dominated with very soft tannins. This is not a long lived wine, but waiting the year and a half since purchase was just right to bring it to its peak. A solid 89 pt wine.
Popped the 2000 Franciscan at a cali cab sav wine tasting party we hosted a few weeks ago. All wines were tasted blind. The Fran came in 3rd, tied with a 1997 Stag's Leap Fay if you can believe it. BTW, the clear WOTN was 99 Cinq Cepages.

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