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Had this last night with a perfectly cooked (if I do say so myself) leg of lamb with half garlic cloves and chives liberally inserted into the meat, and hoisin liberally spread over the top. Yummer.

I was hesitant about trying this so young, especially at CAD$42 a bottle, which I know is a give-away compared to its price in the US, but is still a ton of cash for us to drink a wine that is probably too young. But I got 2 more bottles of it yesterday, to go with the 4 I got two weeks ago, so threw caution to the wind and went for it.

In a nutshell, this wine was great. It was splash decanted 90 minutes before drinking, and would have benefitted from another hour or two, I think. The last glass was the best. It was much smoother than our usual Aussie shirazs, just as flavourful, with maybe some cherry or strawberries in their own syrup (not fresh). Also a bit of earthiness, a la gigondas. It matched perfectly with the lamb.

All of that said, however, it still should be sitting another year at least, I think. But it is definitely much more ready-to-drink than the 98, based on my last tasting of the latter a few months ago.

Enjoy! Smile

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Had the wine over the week-end.

Found it quite heavy and lacking the acidity that makes a wine pleasant to drink - the freshness that makes you wonder why a bottle is only 750ml...

Lots of dark, overripe fruits, vanilla, chocolate. Full bodied, with nice round tannins. Did not live up to the expectations, although it was the WOTN for many of the people around the table. 89 pts.
  • 2000 d'Arenberg Shiraz The Dead Arm - Australia, South Australia, Fleurieu, McLaren Vale (5/26/2007)
    Opaque purple/black colour. Brooding nose of coffee, blackcurrant, vanilla, and black licorice. A little restrained on the palate with some drying tannins. Blackcurrant liqueur, vanilla, and black licorice coming through on the palate. Moderate finish, ~30-35s, with more blackcurrant liqueur and black licorice notes. Needs at least a couple years, and is not as approachable as the 1999 (served side-by-side) at this time. (89 pts.)

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Before I knew what I was doing, I drank all my 2000's, and most of my '99's. I've been trying to avoid the same mistakes with my 2001-2006's.

With the 2000 (and most Dead Arms I have tried) I have found the wine to kind of wax and wane. More open one day, closed a few months later, and open again the next year. It may have been bottle variation, but I have seen the same phenomenon with other big Aussie shirazes. For the most part, I have absolutely loved the 2000, and found it generally to be a little more forward and plush than the 1999, but neither as forward or as big as the spectacular 2001.
bman, mine are still asleep in cold storage and I won't be getting at them for another few years. Do you think these guys will last for a while yet?

Absolutely. In fact, if you review TORB's posts about big Aussie reds in general, and probably this specific wine as well, you'll see that his general opinion is that this kind of big shiraz is much better after 9 or 10 years, and generally lasts much longer. You may wish to search his posts on aging Aussie wines.

Redhawk, I think the key is decanting time. I've had maybe 10 Dead Arms from various vintages and aside from those that were just too young, I like mine best with at least 3 or 4 hours in the decanter. You may be doing this already but if not, you may wish to try it.

BTW, I was up your way a year ago and made a profitable (for them!) visit to Obermanns in Flint (or Saginaw? Confused). We had a cottage between Clare and Harrison when I was a kid so I've been through many times, though last year's trip was the first for maybe 30 years!
Pop and poured

Beautiful crimsom colour with some bricking on the rim

Initial taste was very disjointed tannins, acidity and muted fruit.

Decanted for 1 hour and consumed over the next hour. Everything fell into place the dark sweet fruit and somewhat resolved tannins. This wine for me was elegant not your atypical Aussie fruit bomb. Smile An nice pairing with BBQ ribs (no sauce) 92-93

Bman wish I read your tasting note and gave it 3+ hour decantFrown

The BCLC recently brought in a shipment of 2000 d'Arenberg Dead Arm Shiraz, so I thought I'd give one a try.

Decanted for 3 hours. Explosive nose of dark fruit, pepper, and dark chocolate. Full bodied and complex, layers of blackberry and spice, however managing to retain balance and elegance. Long finish. This wine is in a great place right now. 94 points

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