From my business trip to Belgium - had 5 different Bordeaux and one Crozes-Hermitage.

Only have names and impressions on 3 Bordeaux.

2000 Ch. Poujeaux - Moulis

Nice dark purple with good legs and depth. Cabernet aromas, but with more mineral, like old world wine. The wine was not as fruity or flavorful as its physical appearance and nose would suggest. Fairly integrated, but nothing "jumped" out to set this one apart. We had a St. Emilion along with this one that was favored by most at the table for its Cab Franc component (the St. Emilion's name escapes me for know).

DBW points 84-5
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Thanks for the TN. It is a shame the wine wasn't more impressive -- Poujeaux is one of my favorite cru Bourgeois. If you happen to run across the '96 in your travels you owe it to yourself to pick it up -- fantastic wine.

off-topic: Where in Belgium did you go? Brussels? I was fortunate enough to get to Bruge (sp?) a few years ago and, if you've not been, and business takes you to Belgium again, you should try to see it. I think it is a lovely, quaint, town.

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As a matter of fact, on our only block of free time, we took the train to Brugge! Fantastic old city with charm that was a great walking tour! Most of the trip was work in Brussels.
I am pretty sure that the Poujeaux was a bit closed. In fact, as I recall, the St. Emilion showed well because of a clear Cab Franc aroma and more depth, which are the two things that a closed, hard, cab wine would lack. If I had a Pouj in my cellar, I would decant it for an hour or two and feel sure that it would be enjoyable. That should tell me whether it is worth grabbing more for the longer haul.


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