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For 2000 - there are no good values left. But if money is no object, and you are young enough to be able to wait 20+ years for the wines to reach their peak, get first growth medoc + super seconds like Pichon Lalande and Leoville Las Cases.

For 2001 - buy the "other" bordeaux: Sauternes & Barsac! It was the best vintage in decades. Otherwise, right bank did better than left bank. In St.-Emilion: Pavie, Ausone, Valandraud, etc. In Pomerol: Lafleur, Clos L'Eglise, etc. There are a few gems in the Medoc, e.g. Cos d'Estournnel and especially Montrose (of which I bought a case).
I agree, 2000 if you can, but prices are sky high. I have also noticed that inventory is still quite high, so prices may come down. I recently saw Pontet Canet for $50, which is not much above the futures price, and gets rave reviews (I have a case Smile)

I must disagree with Cbmac about 01. Yes, Sauternes and Barsac look like they'll be great, but I wouldn't write off everything else. St Julien probably has some beauties (Leoville Las Cases, Leoville Poyferre & Barton, even Gruaud). Certainly the first growths are all highly regarded (93-98 pts from WS and RMP). The usual good producers will have made good wines, and the prices are right. I have bought a few cases of 2001s, selectively picking wines. I think this vintage has potential to be a very good value vintage, and will mature earlier than 2000.

Again, Pontet Canet for $25, Gruaud for $35, Sociando Mallet for $25, Leoville Las Cases for $80, Leoville Barton for $35. These are all good producers who made solid products in 01 at reasonable prices (ok, maybe the LLC isn't reasonably priced!)

Yes, but I came here for an argument.

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Wow, I disagree. For the most part, there are many values in 2000 Bordeaux. True, the First Growths and some select right bank wines are pricey, but for the most part, 2000 are fairly priced.

When you compare the price of 2000 Bordeaux with 00 & 01 Cal Cabs that have the same scores, the Bordeaux are much better deals.

2001 will be an OK vintage and should be fairly priced. But if you want great Bordeaux to lay away, 00 Bordeaux os the place to put your money.

I did.
Here is what I have purchased so far...

00 Clos L'Eglise CdC (6 btl. 25.00)
00 Petit Gravet (6 btl. 26.00)
00 Valrose (6 btl. 21.00)
00 Quinault l'Enclos (3 btl. 50.00)
01 Cod d'Estournel (1 case 780.00)
01 Quinault l'Enclos (6 btl. 44.00)
01 Fleur de Bouard (6 btl. 24.00)
01 La Confession (6 btl. 36.50)
01 Charmail (6 btl. 17.50)
01 Pagodes des Cos (6 btl. 20.00)

Eek Eek Don't tell my wife!!
Yeah, haven't made a purchase yet. Still really new to this whole "Bordeaux" concept. Most of my wines are from new world and Italy- can't afford Burgundy. I think I need more time and a younger liver Big Grin
Hey Pomerollvr:
I agree with you. I'm buying wonderful wines from BDX that are interesting, deep and broad for the same price as CA Cab that are nothing but alcohol and red fruit.

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