Hi folks -- new to posting, but been on the forums a while.

I have 6 bottles of Bordeaux that I would like to trade as a 6 bottle lot. I've had at least one of each and they are all drinking quite nicely for their respective years and styles. They have been in my temperature and humidity controlled cellar since the original purchase on release.

I've included the WS rating and the average retail price as quoted on Vinfolio so we can construct a comparable trade. I've got a cellar full of Bordeaux so I'm looking for some Syrah/Shiraz, Zinfandel, Merlot or other off-beat stuff like perhaps some Cab Franc or even a nice Carmenere. Here's what I've got for trade. Nothing super special, but some really nice, really solid Bordeaux drinking.

1) 2000 Ch. La Prade. WS 89, $44 on Vinfolio
2) 2000 Cantemerle. WS 91, IWC 92, $54 on Vinfolio
3) 2000 Labegorce Zede. WS 92, $51 on Vinfolio
4) 2000 Les Fiefs De Lagrange. WS 89, $51 on Vinfolio
5) 2002 Haut Bages Liberal. WS 89, $30 on Vinfolio
6) 2002 Pontet Canet. WS 92, $59 on Vinfolio

Please e-mail me directly if interested. jbh1@usa.net

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