What a waste of 2 bottles of 1982 Mouton

Ditto. I can see how the Wagyu and the truffles would make the pie taste much better... but the effect of the Mouton would be minimal (IMO). Waste of wine indeed. People can do whatever they want with their possessions... it is just frustrating to see them waste so stupidly.

Well, this guy is probably getting more than $20,000 worth of free advertising with this article (which is being read by people halfway around the planet), so maybe it is worth it to him.
In Sydney a number of bars vie for the title of having the most expensive cocktail in Australia. The current record holder is at something like $2,000 for a single cocktail.

These things are never drunk by customers, but serve simply to get the bar a bunch of publicity. Methinks that no customer will ever actually order said pie but there will be plenty of news stories.
stupid idea Roll Eyes,

and inconsequent!

why use black truffles if white are higher in price Razz

the prices they counted, were also not regular,
it's like saying i use a ..... 2000$. (but at the next store you'll find it for 1/3 or less

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