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1997 Lisini Brunello di Montalcino

After reading about the possibility of the 1997 Brunellos being in a dumb/sleeping phase I was a bit nervous to open this bottle tonight. Decanted for just over 3 hours before starting out, and writing this note 2 hours after beginning to drink.

Vibrant ruby red color, with wonderful symetrical legs showing around the inside of the glass each time I take another taste. A bit subdued on the nose still, with light floral and smoky notes. Bing cherry and slighty tart plum skin early resolving quickly to a rich decadent mid palate of cherries and a trace of tar. An incredibly long finish (40 seconds +) I will wait another year at least before trying this monster again, but it is DEFINITELY not sleeping. I am going to the decanter to get the last bits before Mrs. PH pours the rest. Delizioso!

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I opened a bottle of this over the weekend at Haggis' house. I think WS gave this wine 95 points and deservedly so in my opinion. I double decanted this wine 8 hours before we tried it and left it in the corked bottle. It was tight upon opening. When I tried that evening I thought it had smoothed out considerably and was drinking fine. I recall someone saying that they thought it was still young but I thought it was just entering its drinking window. Clearly no signs of falling apart as Daniel Thomases has proclaimed for the 1997 BdM vintage. An elegant and stately old world wine. Rather Ciaccilike in its profile but not as deep. Notes of cherry and leather. Nice round finish. 94 points.

Opened and decanted for approx. 1 hour before drinking. Color is still vibrant ruby red. Definite floral nose with an undertone of tar. The tar blew off after the hour in the decanter. Tart plums were prominent on the palate. This wine has all the appearances of a young wine (acidity, fruit, smooth tannins are still strongly prevelant). The only slight thing that was disappointing was the finish. All the notes I have seen talk about the long finish. It was showing a 20-25 second finish during the first 2 hours. I am going to save half and try again tomorrow. 93 points but could improve if the finish comes around.
What a difference 24 hours makes. The nose tonight was intense with very strong roses and strawberries (almost Barolo-like). The wine had evolved into tart cherries and blueberries on the palate. The plum skin taste was all but gone. These flavors lingered on the finish for well over a minute. Now I wish I had saved the entire bottle for tonight. Definitely one of the best '97 BdM's I have tasted. 97 points. If you have this in your cellar, you can drink now but give it plenty of air. Your patience will be rewarded. This one has many more years before it peaks in the bottle.
Thanks for the upbeat TN and for your views as well Longboarder....I’ve been trying to continue resisting the urge the start digging into the ‘97’s and for the most part have remained vigilant, but notes like this make it awfully tough! As for the prognostications about ‘97’s falling apart and being best consumed early, there may a few that are best drunk early, but the majority remain quite distant from even beginning to show evolved nuance....when that happens I’ll be ready to go deep!

BTW, the ’99 Lisini is also a beauty.
Originally posted by louzarius:
Originally posted by rico thompson:
but the majority remain quite distant from even beginning to show evolved nuance....

I still have not had a bad '97.

I agree Louzarius. There appears to be 2 distinct camps regarding '97 BdM's. 95% of what I have was purchased in Italy. If I remember correctly, you were living in Italy when the '97's were released. I am assuming that most of what is in your cellar was also purchased in country. With the recent discussions on the '01 Montosoli and bottle variation, I am wondering if this is a "time of bottling phenomenon". I wonder if other producers bottle at different times. I know Argiano only bottles when orders need to be filled. This is the only estate where I have asked that question. There are people on this board whose palates I respect and know brunelli that have very different opinions on the '97 vintage. Just a thought.

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