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This was tasted beside 1990 Chateau Simard and 2001 Don Melchoir Cab...

What a wine. It blew away the Don Melchoir. My dinner guests and the 2 restaurant sommeliers also loved it. I have no idea how WS rated this 85 points. Roll Eyes

Deep ruby/purple colour that coated the glass. Lots of cassis, raspberry and oak on the nose. Extremely full bodied with cassis, oak, vanilla and some earthiness on the palate. Very complex wine with a long fruity and oaky finish.

94 points
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Here are some previous notes where we talked about this wine.

I have just a few left and have enjoyed everyone of them. They were a real bargin at $29.99 @ Costco for the enjoyment in drinking.

I served them to non-wino friends and they were blown away by it. Its a very very friendly wine. I too think this is a 94+ wine. I have not yet stocked up on the 01, but plan on getting some if it comes to Costco at a steal.

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