Hi everyone! I am looking into buying some good wines for my daughther as a future presents. She was born in 1999 which was not a great vintage as far as I know. Anyway do you have any ideas what should I buy?
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Welcome Ericdoc,

1999 was an excellent year in a few regions. However, if your goal is to hold for 20 years or so, that may be less reliable.

1999 Napa Cabernet (top names) - can go 15+, but not most.

1999 Brunello Di Montalcino - 15+ as well.

Unfortunetly Vintage Port was not a declared vintage in 1999 from what I remember - that is usually the best best for these situations or high end Bordeaux from stellar years.
I disagree with those reccomending CA Cab. I don't think there are any sure bets on wines that will be great 15+ years from now (although the Maya has a great shot).

Hermitage. The vintage was actually slightly better in Cote-Rotie but those are more early maturing. Hermitage. Personally, I'd look into Chave, Tardieu-Laurent, or, if you can afford it, a top-flight Chapoutier.


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