After opening a corked bottle of Novy Santa Lucia Highland 00 Syrah, I decided to change up a little. The Simi was a delight. After 45 minutes in the glass a nice bouquet of cassis, licorice, black cherry and leather appeared. Cherry fruit more apparent on the palate and surprisingly, it almost seems like some strawberry?!? Nice tannins. Dark garnet color. Short finish, medium body. For a sub $20 cabernet sauvignon, a treat. 88 points from me.
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Just had the Simi CS last pm. Very nice pretty wine. No harsh edges and drinkable without alot of fanfare. I agree with Ronaldo that this is quite nice for under 20 bucks. around an 89 rating for me. Razz
agree as well. Opened this bottle tonight. A bit spicey and unsettled as of yet and could use a little more time to come together, but for the value, a great pick-up. Look forward to future bottles (88pts)
decanted for 1 hour; had this with a jerk pork tenderloin, pan roasted butternut squash and rice

deep violet colour; almost ruby;

nice, pleasant bouquet, cassis, leather, (strawberries for mavbabe) a hint of spice, black licorice?

taste of cherry, strawberries, really juicy however short finish (12-15 seconds); well integrated, smooth tannins.

mavericks rate this 89 points
I've been drinking a case or two of this over the last few years, and was underwhelmed, especially when I've compared the 99 to the 01 Simi.

I've got about 4 or 5 bottles left, and won't miss them when they are gone.
I have to say that this wine is decent however, I don't think that it will improve with any additional cellaring. I might be serving the rest of this at my XMAS party.
Don't get me wrong, I am not saying it is a bad wine, I just didn't think it warranted the rating which WS gave it (which was a 90, if I recall correctly).

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