1999 Rosemount Estate Show Reserve chardonnay

We are BIG fans of Rosemounts Show Reserve wines, though up to now we had tried only reds. Their cabs and shirazs are consistently good, often great, and always worth the money, IMHO.

The chard was as good, if not better, value for money that the afore-mentioned reds. Full-bodied, lots of style and class, oaky but not too much, buttery, a little carmel, yum, yum ,yum. We matched it with cold whole lobster (at CAD$5 a one pound lobster, who could resist!!!! [Eek!] [Eek!] [Eek!] [Big Grin] ), and it was a marriage made in heaven. In fact, it's probably a little too muscular to be taken without food, but maybe that's just us. We still like the Columbia Crest Grand Estates chards better, but this is a solid second, though at CAD$ 26 a bottle, compared to CAD$17 for the CCGE chard, it falls a little farther behind.
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I have not tried the Chard, but I will second your endorsement of the reds, and maybe I'll try the Chard now. The 98 Show res. cab. and the shiraz are both outstanding deals for the money. I have a vertical of the cab going back to late 80's. We have tasted through them a few times and they seem to hold up well at least for short term aging.

Agree on the Show Reserves... I still have a case of the 96 Giants Creek Chardonay, of which we tasted 2 nights back. A very fine wine ,indeed. Smooth with a silky mouthfeel, mouthwatering tropical fruit, a touch of oak still evident, a long and and persistant finish. We drank the wine at cellar temp.

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