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I picked up this Spanish beauty a few weeks ago, not knowing anything about it, nor could I find much to go on from either WS or WA. After decanting for about one hour, a beautiful nose of plum, black cherry, and cedar was displayed. Flavors of berry, cedar, leather, and soft oak lingered and lingered. This is one hell of a nice wine. I don't know what "Mirto" refers to, but I don't really care. If I can find a few more of these, I'm going to stock up on them, as there is a lot of life left in this number. HI=90.
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I had this again last night at one of Ms. Haggis' supernumerary birthday dinners. Seems she's got me, daughter no. 1, and others all lined up for various weekends of gastronomic revelry. Pshaw... to be so lucky....

This was served with an Angus beef roast (if it's no' Scottish... well, you know) rubbed with crushed garlic and rosemary, and with sprigs of fresh rosemary tied to it during roasting.

I stand by by notes the first time 'round, but this time, picked up some hints of dark roast coffee. This is a very nice wine and I'd actually go two points higher than my original Haggis Index... HI=92.

I meant to say that these are dinners for Ms. Haggis' b-day, not mine! Mine's not until next spring sometime. I'll let you know when it approaches, though Big Grin

I bought it at the Naperville Binny's a couple of months ago. It was marked at about $30, but (and don't tell them this) it rang up as $5.99!!!! So, I bought what they had and have depleted my stock. Bummer.....

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