Almost no sediment which I thought was a bit odd. Very nice big nose of oak, vanilla, berry, earth and floral and some medicinal notes. Medium body with firm tannins. Good oak, raspberry, coffee and vanilla on the palate. Very good for the year. Could use another 2-4 years but drinking well now.

90-91 points. $34CAD on futures
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This estate is on a definite upswing, in my estimation. I bought a few of the '99 on release (unfortunately not at futures pricing) and, while I've only tried one so far, I agree that it is definitely a 90-point wine.

There were also a few mags of the '99 on sale last year and I snagged one for C$90, which I thought was a pretty decent deal, considering the 750 was released (and sold out) at C$55.

I've also got a few of the 2000, but I've so far been able to resist trying one. One thing I've noticed, however, is that the price seems to be escalating at least as quickly as the quality.
Pontet Canet has been one of those Chateaux that Parker has mentioned as really improved during the last 10 years. He rated the 1994 Pontet Canet 93 points, so I bought a lot on futures. However, what I found was a wine that had very firm tannins and will need a lot of years to resolve that bite.....I have it laying away till 2007, but it may need more years!

It sounds as if the 1999 is still a bit firm and you should lay it away for another 5 years.

Pontet Canet is very close to Mouton Rothschild, and for the QPR, I'll take the Pontet Canet!
wineismylife You have four bottles---so, I would suggest that you hold the 1995 Pontet Canet till 2008/2010 before you try another one.

I enjoy trying to predict the development of a wine, but Pontet Canet seems to defy maturity....It is a very slow developing wine, so I suggest that you lay it away and let it develop. Cool
From magnum.

Dark ruby/purple colour. Aromas of cedar, vanilla, tobacco, herbs, and blackcurrant. Medium-full bodied, with cedar, herbs, earth. Tannins already fully resolved. Short-moderate finish, ~20-25s, with cherry and earth. 90 points (01/22/2005).
I had this wine at a Pontet wine dinner this week.

This was voted best of the night at our table.

The wine had about 3 hours of air. The wine had a nice balance of fruit and mineral with still solid tannins.

No need to rush, but not sure the wine will improve a great deal. The 99's might just be what they are. A solid and nice Bordeaux at a fair price.
Just opened the 1999 Pontet Canet, and let it aerate in a decanter for 3 hours.

I agree with the previous reviews:
Firm tannins, with a nice fruity flavor at the end..perhaps some blueberry or cassis flavor.

Could it use more time in the cellar, probably, but since I purchased it for $34.00 a bottle my plan is to buy more up now and hold it for another 3 years or so. Cant wait for the 2005's to come out...
Had a bottle this weekend on recommendation. Not much on the nose except cherry. Decanting for an hour helped this out a bit, and brought additional hints of caramel, earth, oak and pomegranate. Tannins resolved in my bottle. Finish was a bit short. Balanced wine, but no "wow" factor for me. 86-88pts. Paid $35.

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