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I guess this is a very controversial Wine these days due to the low price @ the Premier Cru & because they were sold to Markham (I think, Markham).

Disclaimer: I've had better LaJotas in my life. BUT, this could be due to the "average" 1999 year. Or, could be on the way down due to the sale to Markham. All that being said, here is my review on it:

Decanted: 2 hours.

Young. As with all the LaJotas (& Howell wines, in general), needs time. Wonderful, rich aroma. Very nice red defined color. Flavors of berry & flowers. Fruit is not over-powering, but could be to the fact that it is still young. But, honestly, I've seen better aroma on earlier LaJotas. Will improve with age. Smooth drinking wine. This one, always is.

Points: 89. With potential for 91 (with time).

For the price of $19.99 @ that store. BARGAIN city. Would pay upto about $32.00 for it.

Well, those are my Notes on it for those that care & buy LaJotas. But, this was always like a Cult-following Wine.
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I suspect, but don't know, that this was made by the pre-sale winemaking regime. I'm also guessing that Premier Cru is willing to sell this cheap, not because it is a lesser wine, but because they have a large allocation that they can dump without affecting a relationship or allocation that is no longer important. I think that Premier Cru is now out of the Howell Mtn but has some of the 18th Anniversary Blend left. It might be a good choice for someone with an 18th anniversary coming up in 5-10 years.

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