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Served with shrimp bisque.

The oaky nose was a little closed. The color was light straw. The wine showed the typically California buttery fatness, yet with a crisp jolt of acidity and a little more spice than usual for Chardonnay. The tannin was very noticeable with hints of pineapple and vanilla. 88 points.
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I haven't had the CSJ 1999 Robert Young Chardonnay, but was a big fan from the mid-1980s. I regularly gave them 90+. I HAVE guzzled a lot of the Robert Young Vineyards 1999 Chardonnay, and found it excellent to outstanding. I can't help but believe that the CSJ will suffer, now that the children of Robert Young are keeping the best grapes for their own wine...
King -
Couldn't agree with you more.
CSJ is as guilty as Caymus in their out-of-control price increases. Everybody talks about the Cinq Cepages prices, but I used to LOVE their regular 'Fume Blanc' bottling 3 years ago, when I could get it for $7 or $8. Now it retails for somewhere near $16. 100% increase in 3 years!!Thanks for nothing. [Mad] [Mad] [Mad]
Queen -
When I first started to appreciate 'good' wine, the CSJ Pinot Blanc was the first case of wine I ever bought. I guess this was around 1994 or 1995. It cost me less than $10 per bottle before a case discount. I'm not even sure they offer it anymore. I looked at their website, and couldn't find any mention of it, although I may have seem it on their tasting room list when we visited there last year (before I left in disgust without even tasting at that new zoo they call a tasting room). What a horrible change from the cozy atmosphere that they had there in the late 1980s!!!! [Mad] [Mad]
Yes it's very different now. Miss the rickety stairs up to the old Reserve tasting room.
Funny, a few month ago we popped a corked bottle of '97 Cinq Cepages. I spoke with a very nice guy at the winery who offered to replace the bottle. The King and I were both members for years. (It hasn't arrived yet [Confused] )
But I did thank him, mentioning that I might not make such a fuss if it wasn't such a treasure, not to mention $$$.
He said,"Oh, even if it was 'just' the Pinot Blanc, we'd replace it for you." [Roll Eyes] [Roll Eyes]

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